9 Warning Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Body!

1. Changes in moles

Check your body regularly for suspicious changes in your skin moles. These changes are often the first signs of skin cancer and early detection has a very significant impact on the effectiveness of the treatment.

If you have moles that your primary doctor considers dangerous, you should map them and get a clear sense of their shape and color (use your smartphone to keep a photographic record). Follow the American Cancer Association guidelines for a self-diagnosis: the ABCDE, a mnemonic technique that helps you search visual clues for early skin cancer detection.

Asymmetry: check for moles with weird shapes, or where on half is different from the other.
Border: check for any irregular, ragged, or notched edges.
Color: check for color variations and differences in shading.
Diameter: check for big moles (a good rule of thumb is: if its bigger than a pencil erases, you should see a doctor).
Evolving: check if your moles change in shape, size, or thickness.


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