going for regular workout and regular exercises, there needs fuel to energize the body. Without eating before or after the workout, nobody can stay strong and active for months. There are 8 great foods to eat before and after your workout to eat:

1. Greek yogurt

Eat Greek yogurt for a healthy stomach and to give a reverse to the body before workout.

2. Smoothies

Before going to the gym, drink smoothies of different blended fruits. These milk based proteins make more energetic to do exercise happily.

3. Fruits

Eat fresh fruits before workout for a hydrated body.

4. Almond butter with apple wedges

It’s a best recipe to make for after workout eating. Its minerals and antioxidants give much pleasure to energetic the body.

5. Grilled chicken

Eat grilled chicken to recover the body after workout. Chicken has proteins and carbohydrates, which give a comfort feeling after exercise.

6. Omelet with avocado

Eat omelet with avocado for muscles recovery and growth, because eggs are rich in protein to make the body strong easily. Add avocado to get more fiber and fats after workout.

7. Salmon with sweet potato

It’s an excellent combination to eat after workout for joint support and balancing the sugar level in the body.

Chocolate milk

Chocolate milk has been becoming a very popular diet amongst body builders after workout programs. It is also known as a sports drink because of having much proteins and carbs for muscles growth and energy.


Eating any one or combination of these8 foods will maintain the energy level of body so that you will not feel weakness during or after hard exercise.