You Need to Know about the Things that Make Your Skin Itch before You Sleep Now!

1. Temperature and Dry Skin

1. Temperature and Dry Skin© Inside Outer Beauty

If the temperature of your body increases, you are more likely to experience itchy skin. As a normal procedure, your body works on lowering your body temperature during the night. To achieve that, however, the blood flow will increase to the skin, and the excess temperature will dissipate through the skin.

It is this temporary increase in temperature that will cause you to feel an itchy “rash” at night. So as not to make matter worse, avoid doing anything that might cause your core body temperature to increase—physical activity and warm baths.

Dry skin can also be the cause of itchy skin at night—dry itchy skin, that is! The reason behind this is the fact that your skin doesn’t do a very good job at retaining moisture at night.


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