This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Practice Fasting

#1 – Short brief about autophagy


1. Short brief about autophagy© latam.askmen

In order to explain the discovery of Dr. Ohsumi, the Japanese cell biologist, we may need to use a few big words. But since we need everyone to understand the importance of this, we are going to explain it as simply as possible:

Our bodies are made with cells that are constantly recycling, and this process called autophagy. It is made of Greek words: Auto means self, and Phagein means eating… Yes, the word says eating oneself. It is disturbing, but it is keeping you alive and stable!

Here is the thing, our bodies break down many protein structures and eventually transform them into amino acids, which is used to create more cells. The average person doesn’t consume enough protein to create the new cells, so the body tends to use the “stored” protein in the form of bacteria and damaged cells.

If the recycling mechanism stops working, the damaged cells will start accumulating in the body, possibly neutralizing infected and cancer cells. All of this may lead to some serious diseases!


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