Here Are the 6 Signs You Might Not Live For As Long As Expected!

#1 – +80 beats per minute resting heart rate

A healthy resting heart rate should be somewhere between 60-80 beats per minute. If your resting heart rate is above this interval, you have a significantly higher risk of premature death. This is an excellent marker of poor health condition.

Nowadays, there are some instruments such as apple watch’s health app or other heart rate monitors that provide you with a detailed description of your heart rate throughout the day, both while resting, walking and exercising.

Before seeing a doctor, you could try a few things to lower your heart rate. Regular walks, quitting smoking, exercising often and controlling the amount of stress present in your life could reduce your heart rate almost instantly.

A low heart rate (below 60 bpm for common people – athletes have a healthy low heart rate) could also be problematic. This condition is called bradycardia, which could lead, among things like hypotension and hypertension, to frequent fainting due to insufficient blood flow to the brain and compromise your circulation.


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