7 Things on Your Body That Tells You Should Go See Your Doctor

#1 – The Appearance of New Lesions or New Moles on the Skin…

The appearance of new skin lesions or moles usually happens when someone has been exposed to the sun for too long and this can be quite worrying. Firstly, it shows that the body is reacting badly to this phenomenon and then it can be an indicator of melanoma – the most dangerous skin cancer and one of the most aggressive malignant tumors.

…Or Changes to Existing Skin Lesions or Moles!

If there are changes to the existing lesions or moles, the reasons are exactly the same: bad reaction of the body to the sun or an indicator of melanoma. This scenario can be confirmed by following the ABCDE rule:

A: Asymmetry – Usually the shape of a mole is round and symmetrical; when there is a change in mole appearance it becomes asymmetrical.
B: Borders – The appearance of borders of a mole is regular and geometric; when they are affected they are uneven and with cut edges.
C: Color – A mole has a color; however the mole changing color (and may have several colors) is one of the most obvious signs of melanoma
D: Dimension – When the size of a mole is larger than 5 mm is a sign to be concerned.
E: Evolution – The way lesions and moles change over time.

There are melanomas that do not strictly follow the ABCDE rule and the doctor should be aware of this, such as the rapid swelling and expansion of the moles or the strengthening of its pigmentation, among other skin cancer symptoms. Be aware and visit your doctor quickly because early diagnosis can make all the difference.


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