Top 7 Unfortunate Signs Your Bones Are Thinning

1. You had multiple severe fractures in the past

Have you had many bone fractures in the past two years? We are talking about normal things, like a simple fall with an extremely serious bone fracture. For example, accidentally falling on the street and breaking a foot or a leg. This is one of the signs your bones are thinning or that you have weak bones.

In this situation, it is essential that you have knowledge about your family’s medical history and whether or not there have been any cases of osteoporosis. If you find that there are similar reports of falls, fractures or other bone problems, chances are that you may also have it too.

Therefore, it is essential that you visit a doctor to assess your bone density. This test is known as bone densitometry, does not cause pain, is similar to an x-ray, and assesses the amount of calcium and other minerals in each bone segment of the body.


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