The 10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Are Contagious

#1 – Restaurant orders

1. Restaurant orders© pexels

Going out for a meal is one of our favorite parts of the day, especially if we are going with people we love the most. Sharing a conversation, a laugh, and food together is all a person needs to be free from all the work’s stress. But, did you notice that you would always order something similar to theirs because they made you crave it?

According to research by the University of Illinois, diners would be happier if you ordered entrées that are nutritionally similar to your companions.

So in case you are watching your waistline or trying to be healthier, order your plate first before you get to hear your friends’ orders.

#2 – Negative thinking

2. Negative thinking© pexels

You can be as optimistic as you want, but once you hang out with someone who can’t help but spread their negative thoughts, you will find yourself drowning with them. For example, how many times you were ready for an exam, but found all your confidence shatter around because of someone’s negative thinking about it?

According to a study of the University of Notre Dame, freshmen who were paired randomly with roommates were prone to catch their negative thinking style only in 3 months. This is why you need to recognize that other people’s “energy” may influence your way of responding to life challenges, and it is not going to be in a good way.


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