6 Surprising Habits That Can Cause Cancer

#1 – Placing your smartphone in the bra

#1 – PLACING YOUR SMARTPHONE IN THE BRA© Buy Pills from Press Pharmacy

According to the founder and president of Environmental Health Trust, Devra Davis, Ph.D. MPH, there were 7 cases documented of 7 women who developed cancerous tumors in their breasts, exactly where they used to carry their cell phones for the past 10 years. She explained that the tumors have formed in the outlines of where their phones lodged.

Basically, breast cancer doesn’t form in the center of the chest, but in the upper outer quadrants, and none of these cases have experienced the known breast cancers mutations. Men, on the other hand, are also at risk if they tend to put their phones in their breast pockets.

#2 – Sitting for too long

2. Sitting for too long© Complete Wellbeing

For years and years, we have heard about the importance of working out, engaging in daily exercises, and keeping our heart pumping blood all the time. However, the majority of us would end up getting an office job that makes us sit for 7 to 9 hours every single day.

Physical activity can reduce our risk of postmenopausal breast, colorectal, and endometrial cancers. According to research published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the risk of developing colon cancer, lung cancer, and endometrial increases with every 2 hours we spend it sitting.

The conclusion is sitting in one place for two hours and then exercising for one hour will not decrease your cancer risk, which is why you need to get moving all day long. So when at work, try to take breaks every now and then to stretch, take a walk, or do anything that will help your blood run a little faster through your veins.