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Leg Workout #3: 7 Exercises To Work Your Legs To Exhaustion

Exercise 6: Floating Lunges


3 Sets | 10-15 Reps | 1min break

Controlling and balance are the most important factor for this type of workout, because “floating lunges” is known as challenging move. Start this exercise by facing ant bench in perpendicularly form. Bring your front shin close to the bench in a lunge, the position of hands should be resting atop. Then stand – up by having a balance on the front foot by lifting back leg behind you. Hinged the hips at the waist with the fingertips by remaining still on the bench. Take a move slowly by bending the front knee to the lower back side into the lunge form by allowing the back toes for touching down at the last seconds. Do 12 reps on one leg by switching aside. Take rest for one minute during every reps and do 10 sets respectively.

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