This is What Happens When You Steam Your Face!

Last Updated on January 14, 2021

In today’s world, having a healthy skin requires a lot of care – we are exposed to so many different threats that can cause all sorts of skin problems, from the increasing levels of pollution and the processed foods we eat that don’t benefit our skin at all to the damaging sun rays. Advertising has us chasing the perfect skincare routine – “how to hydrate your skin?” “how to moisturize your skin?” “How to prevent skin wrinkles?”, offering us hundreds of different skin products for each purpose and leaving a hole in our wallets. But what if we told you that there is something you can do for your skin that brings all sorts of benefits and, most importantly, it’s free? So, here is why you should regularly steam your face!

1. You Will Clean The Built-Up Dirt From Your Pores

Even though we can’t really see it, there is a lot of dirt floating around that accumulates inside our skin pores. If you live in a big city, all the smoke, pollution and debris find a way into your skin, so you can only imagine how much “invisible” dirt you are carrying around. Plus, if you wear makeup, sunscreen or even a simple moisturizer, this too will contribute to clogging your pores. By steaming your face, the heat coming from the water will cause your pores to relax and expand, and all the sebum and dirt present on your pores will be expelled. This can also help you fight off the accumulation of sebum. Even though this is a natural moisturizer produced by the body, an excessive amount of sebum might clog your pores, leaving behind a nasty pimple. Steam is a natural and free way to make sure that your skin is clean and glowing!

2. You Will Get Rid Of Bacteria And Dead Cells

As you probably know, your skin is the largest organ on your body. Because it is constantly regenerating, dead bacteria start building up on your face! And even though these bacteria are harmless and perfectly healthy, the fact that it starts to accumulate might not leave space for your skin to oxygenate properly. Steam your face to ensure the removal of some of those dead cells and bacteria and make way for clear skin, free of acne.


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