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5 Worst Types of Men You Need to Avoid

Last Updated on December 28, 2017

Disappointing is not enough to describe how it feels like to be with one of these types of men, who can easily turn your life into a seemingly inescapable hell. But guess what! You are stronger than all the sickness and manipulation, and woman, know that you deserve much better.

I know it gets terribly hard when those uncontrollable feelings of love are involved, but anyone who treats you less than what you deserve is definitely not worthy of your priceless love.

In fact, it was revealed that a huge number of women have commonly struggled with the types of men we discuss in this article, in which we describe their manipulative behavior in details and highlight their characteristics, skills, likes, dislikes, and even common phrases so that you can easily identify and never fall for them.

5 Worst Types of Men You Need to Avoid©

Nevertheless, this list is not the one and only, there are many worse types of men, particularly the combinations of these top worst 5


#1 – The Player (Pick Up Artist)

The Player Business Insider

The ‘pick up artist’ is smoothly charming and represents the perfect example of a ladies’ man. He always seems to know exactly what to say and when to utter those seductive words, often making you question whether he really is too good to be true. If you already had doubts about it, you should trust your gut because this is likely the case.

This type of men likes women, intimacy, and being at the center of attention/desire, while he dislikes Facebook and being caught playing. He’s characterized by often talking about ideas that never come true, such as having fast/fancy cars, holidays, houses, music videos, new jobs or businesses, etc.

It seems that all he truly cares about is the way he dresses, looks, smells, etc. He’s smart and funny, and is likely to be the one to ramp up the intensity of the relationship first but will never bring up relationship-related topics (because that would be your burden!)

The player has excellent skills in flirting games (either online or offline,) including teasing, sweet-talking, and buttering you up. He really works hard to convince you he is your perfect man.

Although he may appear to be a patient listener, he actually rarely responds in depth to anything you say and would change the subject soon after you have expressed your thoughts to something that is more interesting to him so he feels more in command.

When it comes to sex, he’s often unusually good in bed and may seem like an expert in reading your body, which adds to the illusion that you two are meant to be together.
If you meet a man with these skills, make sure to proceed with extra caution.


– for you/other women: princess, babe, darling, sexy
– for himself: “The Man,” “God’s gift to women,” a “poet” or “artist”
– General: “We can go anywhere and do anything.” “Let me know and I’ll make it true.”

#2 – The Narcissist/Abuser

The NarcissistAbuser


This type of men first show up as super charming and loving but in time, starts to destroy your confidence, separates you from your friends and relatives, and abuses you emotionally or physically.

The narcissist/abuser wants their victim to enjoy their abuse, which goes under the label “love.” He is too jealous, possessive, and controlling that he’d do it all to prevent you from putting an end to the relationship. Also, he’ll blame you for his behavior.

This man is obsessed with himself and likes control, obedience, apologies, and fear, while he strictly dislikes being corrected or challenged, as well as your girlfriends and your independent thoughts.

The Narcissist Abuser is characterized by using his vibrant personality to draw you in, mainly by keeping you entertained and making you laugh. He’s likely to be obsessed with his appearance and may go to the gym. He may like to surprise you and passionately insists that he’s making a special effort for you over basic interactions like calling, texting, or coming over.

In case you’ve already thought about the words “crazymaking” and “headfuck”, you should probably back off. He basically wants to replace your understanding of reality with his own, in which he is everything so that he can proceed with his abuse.

The most obvious ones of his special skills are altering reality and mind control. He has the ability to completely change your understanding of a certain argument or circumstances.

For instance, he will reframe the situation so he plays the victim, disorient and confuse you, attack you and your personality, and replace your thoughts with the fake realities he has established. Using this tactic, he aims at shaping you into a submissive and fearful girlfriend who is, at the same time, still affectionate and loving.

The Narcissist will make you love him, stay with him, and go back to him. He knows how to convince you that he’s so in love with you, but don’t be fooled! Every little thing he does is only to satisfy his own massive ego.

He will crash your confidence to make you feel you deserve no better than the way he treats you, but you are in danger when around him as he tends to act violently towards you. We recommend complete and immediate separation from men who exhibit such behavior. We are not experts, but we are experienced.


– Nobody understands me. (Generally, using phrases that implement that he is misunderstood, unique, and that his life issues arise from everyone else but him.)

– Look how I did this and that for you (or other phrases that make the most basic gestures seem like he’s done priceless things)

– You always… (and then blames all of his anger management issues on you)

– You can make me a better person. I want to get better.

#3 – The Peter Pan Man (The Immature
and Never Grown Up)

The Peter Pan Man Huffington Post


This man is totally immature and has not grown up. He doesn’t have the emotional or intellectual capacity to sustain any kind of long-term adult relationship.

You might be allured by his zest for life and enthusiasm, but his general lack of critical thinking or life skills, indecisiveness, immaturity, dependency on others’ opinions, and prioritization of his “hobbies” over human interaction will destroy any relationship.

He tends to like groupthink, satirical comedy series, hanging out with his friends, porn, video games, comic books, and sports, while he dislikes simple requests and anything that has to do with making decisions and being responsible.

The Peter Pan Man is characterized by living with his parents or with you, doesn’t pay his own rent, easily hired/fired, doesn’t have a stable source of income, spends most of his day on hobbies like skateboarding, video games, poker, or chilling with the boys.

He cancels his own plans and calls it spontaneity, while using a number of avoidance tactics, also, his own thoughts can mostly be described as verbal diarrhea. He will never let you end a discussion or the relationship on your own terms because he wants the last word.

His very special skills are making you laugh (always) and having a carefree/spontaneous attitude to life with a youthful sense of fun.

He may be good at joking, accents or impressions, or like to rap. Trying to impress you, he would initially include hanging out with you in his daily to-do list of fun stuff or by offering to do or make things with you but he’s often too immature and lazy to fulfill his plans.


– “My mum is my BFF”
– “I’ve talked to my boys about this and they think that…”
– “Do we have to talk about this now?” “Can we do it later?”
– “Why do you have to be so serious?” “Stop being so serious all the time!” “Can’t we just chill?” “We can just forget all about it!”

#4 – The Gangsta

The Gangsta Pall Mall Barbers


This type of men has a chaotic life, so he tends to be emotionally distant, dishonest, abusive, aggressive, and dominating. Basically, any interaction with him will be according to his own schedule. However, rather than being irritated by this, you may feel oddly special when he finally fits you into his busy life.

Of course, we’re aware that his behaviors are a direct consequence of the current system that we’re also struggling with, but it is extremely hard to establish a healthy romantic relationship with this man.

The Gangsta likes controllable people, raves/parties, nightlife, expensive stuff, cars, and of course, good girls, while he dislikes the system, the government, police, questions, honesty, and intimacy.

He is characterized by the difficulty to make plans with, street credibility, avoidance of intimacy, never showing vulnerability, being extremely materialist and relying on possessions for reputation.

He might wear precious metals and/or be greatly interested in fashionable/expensive brands, might often be seen with a nice car and/or tattoos, might spend unreasonable cash on costly drinks, and one sure thing is that you should expect rough sex.

The Gangsta is skilled at defending himself and his friends (he is the top dog for a reason.) His power may make him charming and surprisingly attractive, but his aggression will eventually find a way into an intimate relationship.

He is good at Situational Management, you may be impressed by how he can handle anything, make decisions, and have people carry him out. His Entrepreneurial Abilities are also quite good, making him an excellent network builder, negotiator, and also good at mental maths.

In addition to this, he has great Interpersonal Skills, maintaining endless respect, loyalty, and dedication of people around him. This is done through emotionally manipulative and fear-inducing tactics.

Although you might not stand his inability to say nice things, you’d still be taken in by his gangsta game. To start untangling yourself from his grasp, you should learn to identify these tactics when they are used.

The Gangsta has opportunistic yet unrealistic scheduling habits which result in chaotic day-to-day activities, including picking up, dropping off, handling business, etc. And he rarely accepts that he is to blame for anything at all.


– You know what it is
– I’m a hustler/I’m out here
– My life is a struggle
– Silence or not mentioning any details regarding personal or work-related problems

#5 – The Alpha Male

The Alpha Male Business Insider


This Alpha man has a variety of the Skills mentioned on the previous pages. He is often witty, can confidently discuss many issues and is probably good at critical thinking. This is why he is the leader amongst his male friends and is respected by relatives and colleagues. This means that he’s not used to challenges and disagreements.

He will want to have absolute control over every aspect of your relationship. He is largely motivated by self-interest and cannot be a team player. The Alpha male likes to be in control, waited on, waited for, and the center of attention, while he dislikes questions, lack of control, challenges, and being wrong.

He is characterized by confidence and pride, he always takes and rarely gives, he’s obsessed with appearance, and he frequently receives phone calls from others asking for advice. Similar to the Gangsta, he is almost never honest and open about what he really feels and he avoids intimacy.

He marks his territory by leaving clothing and accessories at yours so he always has a reason to come back. He regularly cancels plans with those around him at a moment’s notice and calls it spontaneity, but this is actually insensitive and inconsiderate.

The Alpha Male has the same situational and interpersonal management skills as the Gangsta, the mind control skills of the Narcissist/Abuser, and is extremely good in bed, like the Player.


– I’m my own man / No one can tell me what to do
– I’m not ready (too selfish to commit)
– I’m not a relationship kind of guy

Note :
We would like to clarify that, of course, not all men can fit into one of these five categories and that we do not claim that these descriptions are infallible. We speak from our experience with types of men we’ve encountered in a combined dating history of almost 30 years, aiming to help women avoid destructive relationships.


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