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Glutes Workout #2: 17 Exercises to Shape and Tone Your Booty

As a fitness expert, I am often asked about glutes & back development. The informations about this muscle are as common as those about the other muscles, in my experience.

Workout Summary

Main Goal : Glutes Muscle
Workout Type: Compound, Isolation
Training Level: Beginner
Days Per Week: 1
Equipment Required: Barbell
Target Gender: Male, Female

Workout Description

The question about butt and glutes come from both male and female. All of whom truly want to increase their power, strength, and speed.

The proper development of these muscles can allow individuals to not only jump, swim, and run faster, but can also increases their power during sport activities.

1. Lying Hip Raises

Lying Hip Raises
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

Slightly lie on your back on the floor. Knees should be bent and the feet should be in flat position on the floor. Place both arms – out to both sides of body at 45 – degree angle. Brace the core by imagining that the guts are being punched and then squeeze the glutes – tightly.

2. Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic Tilt

3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

Pelvic tilt exercise is very beneficial for abdominal muscles to strengthen them. To do this exercise, you should lie on floor on back by keeping the knees in bent condition. Flatten the back against the floor for tightening the abdominal muscles and then bend the pelvis slightly upward.

3. Barbell Hip Raises

Barbell Hip Raises
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

This exercise is very helpful to move muscles for body building. It helps to jump higher, running faster, and lifting weight to boosting the strength and improving the athletic performances.

4. Squat Thrusts

Squat Thrusts
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

It is a type of exercise, in which the legs are being thrust backwards to its full extent. The position of hands is on the floor in squatting form.

5. Stance Jacks

Stance Jacks
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

This exercise requires to stand with feet together by raising hands to the chest level, touching fingertips, elbows out, a jump in the wide squad, reach the right hand towards the left foot, and extending the left arm extending behind the body.

6. Speed Skaters

Speed Skaters
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

Speed skating is a popular form of ice – skating, which is done through skates for short duration race during sports competitions. It is a type of race by keeping the body in stabilization form on the skates.

7. Frog Jumps

Frog Jumps
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

There are numerous benefits of frog jumps, such as: strengthening the calves, hamstrings, glutes, quads, and leg – muscles.

8. Diamond Jumps

Diamond Jumps
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

Diamond jump is a type of jumping rope. To burn 480 calories in half hour, diamond jumps are enough to fit the body.

9. Vertical Jumps

Vertical Jumps
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

To become a perfect athlete, the practice of vertical jumps is very useful for a strengthen the body.

10. Plié Squats

Plié Squats
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

For legs and inner thigh, pile squats are one of the best exercise. For back side body boosting, there needs daily workout of pile squats.

11. Pistol Squats

Pistol Squats
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

Single leg squat is also known as pistol squats. If this exercise is done properly by requiring excellent – strength, balance, and controlling of hip muscles, then the results of strong legs are assured and remaining body as well. For hip control, it is one of the best exercise.

12. Biceps Curl Goblet Squats

Biceps Curl Goblet Squats
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

Daily two times, goblet squats curl in the bottom position give a marvellous effect on the whole body. Specially for biceps build ups, 2 – 4 sets of 10 – 12 reps are very useful in body building.

13. Dumbbell Sumo Squats

Dumbbell Sumo Squats
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

By keeping the both feet in a wide stance with the turned – tones, sumo squat gives amazing results, even the angle is greatly wide. For glutes, quadriceps, hip flexors, calves, and hamstring; dumbbell sumo squat is a great workout

14. Side Lunges

Side Lunges
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

To do the side – lunges, you need to hold the pair of dumbbells by standing on feet and knees together. Then start to take the steps with the right foot to the right side and lunge towards the floor side. Keep the left leg in straight form by not extending the past of your toes.

15. Pretzel

3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

Pretzel is classical move, which is also considered the foundation of all exercises for toning the derriere. For this workout, sit on the floor, by setting the right leg forward side and left leg in its behind. Both knees should be at 90 degrees bending position. Lean forward by placing both palms on the floor and repeat the exercise with left leg too for positive outcomes.

16. Hydrant

Fire Hydrant
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break

This exercise is very effective to kill the glutes and fat of inner thighs. To do this work out, lie down on both hands and knees with the wrist under the shoulders by keeping the knees width in a part. Keep the knee bent and raise one leg outside for positive results.

17. Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks
3 sets | 10-20 Reps | 30s break


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