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11 Surprising Contraception Mistakes You Are Making

Last Updated on January 4, 2018

Every time I sit in the middle of married women I hear this famous sentence “It was an accident.” I remember the first time I heard these words, I really freaked out and didn’t hesitate to ask the woman ‘’are you okay?’’ The woman responded laughing “I’m fine, it’s just that I’m pregnant’’. For god sake, give me a break!

It sounds funny though, but there is nothing called accident in the bedroom. The problem that many ladies out there encounter is that they aren’t aware of the effective ways and methods and how they can properly use them to control birth.

I understand that with so many different forms and methods out there, things got complicated and you don’t know what you should and shouldn’t do.

11 Surprising Contraception Mistakes You Are Making©

To help you avoid such mistakes, here some common birth control mistakes you think are absolutely correct but really aren’t


#1 – Taking time off

Taking time off Doctissimo

If you would just stop listening to the myths and ask your doctor instead, you’d have saved yourself a big trouble, am I wrong?

In every surrounding you will find those family members and well-meaning strangers who are misters and misses know-it-all. And because you lack a sexual education, you tend to believe the rumors told to you about sex and contraception.

A good example is that taking time off from the hormonal birth control that you have been using for quite a long time is a bad idea and bad for your health. This is not true, as no method is bad or harmful to stay on for a long period of time. In contrary, it may protect you from diseases like anemia, fibroids, certain types of cancer, endometriosis, and even more.

So, whether you’re stopping it to have babies or just because you need some rest, go ahead and take it. Give yourself a break and don’t stress so much about it, says Dr. Katharine O’Connell White who is the director of the Fellowship in Family Planning at Boston University.

It’s important to note that when you stop your hormonal birth controlling method and keep it on hold for a little while, expect that your own hormonal state will need some time to wake back up and go back to normal.

#2 – Not taking your pills on time

Not taking your pills on time Huffington Post

It’s the same story that keeps repeating itself every single day. A lot of women know well that when the pills are the chosen method to prevent pregnancy, they must be taken regularly and on time.

What happens is that most women miss their birth control pills on certain days or even take them at different times of the day. What is even worse is that they don’t even know how to use back up protection after that.

Dr. Sunny Jun who is a co-medical director at CCRM San Francisco said that many women think that it won’t matter if something alike happens but the truth is it matters more than you might think.

Condoms or any other emergency contraception should be used after missing your pill. You should always have a plan B, otherwise, be ready to welcome a new baby soon.

#3 – Using breastfeeding as a birth control method

Using breastfeeding as a birth control method Natural News

White said that breastfeeding is not a 100 percent reliable method of birth control. This means it shouldn’t be your own and only method to prevent possible pregnancies. It’s true that it’s popular, true and even possible but there are stipulations that need to be followed and unfortunately, many moms ignore them and therefore find themselves trapped again.

White explains that to take advantage of your nursing and use it as a birth control, you must be exclusively breastfeeding. What does this mean? Well, many moms do what we call intermittent breastfeeding, where a bottle is used in order to pump the milk out of the breast and then feed it to the baby using the baby bottle. This method is not effective and doesn’t provide birth control.

After childbirth, a woman can easily and very quickly get pregnant again, said White. So, if interested in this method, you should be exclusively breastfeeding your baby born without the use of any bottles, teats, or pacifiers. Still, it’s better to stay safe and use another contraception method, unless you’re prepared to potentially bring another little cutie to life!

#4 – Not trying the IUD method

Not trying the IUD method Business Insider

What is IUD? An IUD is a tiny device and form of contraception method that your doctor can insert into your uterus to prevent any possible pregnancy. You must have heard too much talk about it. Your friends and the people you are too generous to share their experiences with IUD.

Some are saying that’s too painful when you have it inserted while others say that you won’t even notice it or feels it. Others will make the picture even much clearer and say you will smell like metal and the list goes on and on. Of course, you don’t wanna listen to all this.

You’d better seek a gynecologist who will explain it all to you. So far, IUD is considered to be the most effective birth control method and the most expensive one too, says Jun, adding that this contraception method is perfect for those women who are forgetful or those who cannot bear the daily nuisance of taking pills on time. Moreover, IUD can effectively reduce the amount of bleeding and cramping.

#5 – Not using the right condom for you

Not using the right condom for you NetDoctor

Even if you are using a condom, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe. Why? Well, not using the right condom or very simply not properly using it can lead you to unwanted pregnancies. Unfortunately, not so many people know that!

According to Dr. Ronald D, lubricants, for instance, are important as they can provide you with a safe sex, prevent pain during the intercourse, and most importantly, help prevent the condom from tearing. But certain lubricants can be counterproductive to birth control if not chosen properly. You see! you might not have the protection that you think you have!

Not only lubricants that must be chosen carefully but condoms too. If the latter is too small, it will likely break during the intercourse and risk pregnancy and the same results are expected when the condom is too big, as it can easily fall off without you even realizing it, adds Blatt, the chief surgeon and medical director at the Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery.

Instead, you can pick the one that fits your size. The more appropriate choice you make, the more effective is your birth control method.

#6 – Not keeping your doctor updated

Not keeping your doctor updated

It is something that most women fail to understand. Your gynecologist must be updated with everything you take as a new treatment along with your controlling birth method. Whether it is a new supplement, a natural treatment product or whatever it is, you should pick up the phone and let your doctor know about the new changes.

White says that the problem here is that the majority of women believe that it is not really important for their doctor to know what natural products they are using because in their own perspective it’s a natural therapy and not some kind of medicine.

Another problem is that we don’t know what to expect and how these natural products can affect your birth control, says St. John’s Wort. White explains that grapefruits can cause birth control failure if eaten in larger amounts while a small glass of grapefruit juice or a cocktail that includes it cannot harm you.

For this reason, it is very important to consult your doctor in order to make sure that everything is working as it should be to be and will also help you avoid a birth control failure.

#7 – Only relying on a period tracking app

Only relying on a period tracking app Fortune

Period tracking apps are very popular and many women do use them as a method of birth control. But what you should know is that those apps are not really effective and accurate enough to be used alone. Therefore birth control might go wrong and you might find yourself gambling.

So, if your main objective was tracking your period and don’t really mind if you get pregnant, then well done you’re ready and doing quite a good job! But if it’s vice versa then God have mercy on us, expect to hear the unwanted news!

#8 – Leaving a gap of time between contraception methods

Leaving a gap of time between contraception methods Lloyds Pharmacy

One of the mistakes that you are making is all the time switching from one contraception method to another. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. In contrary, you can keep switching as much as you can and as long as you can until you find the right one for you in which you are more comfortable.

But, what you should never do while moving from one method to another is leaving a gap of time in between. The latter can be an opening that can cause your pregnancy.

White said that the advantage of these birth control methods, such as pills, ring, patch, and many others, is that you can control them. You can start them and stop them whenever you feel like they‘re no longer serving you, which is really great.

However, you should be careful not to fall into the mistake of stopping the method you are using and don’t immediately start something else. Should you not forget that your body’s march towards ovulation is powerful and if you give it an opening, you know what’s gonna happen, right?

Instead, if you cannot avoid the gap, you’d better use a backup plan B which is the emergency method you can use while you are looking for your most suitable option.

#9 – Not Using the right kind of birth
control for you

Not Using the right kind of birth control for you NetDoctor

Again, there is no harm in switching birth control methods. It’s better experiencing different contraception methods than sticking with one kind that makes you miserable and unsatisfied.

You might be in that category of women who forgets to take the pills consistently and regularly or maybe you are suffering from constant headaches or mood swings from hormonal contraception.

Whatever reason you have, if you think that the birth control method you are using doesn’t work well for your body and your life, don’t think twice. Switch it until you come across the one that works best for you. Don’t make the mistake dealing with the wrong kind, says Nicole Telfer, a scientific researcher for the female health app Clue.

Remember to seek advice from your healthcare provider before you make any changes. Also, make sure to track the changes that occur in your body until you find one that works best.”

#10 – Not using hormonal birth control because you think it will affect fertility

Not using hormonal birth control because you think it will affect fertility Netmums

Let’s make it clear for you, there are two categories of people. Those who believe that taking birth control for a long period of time, especially in your 20s and early 30s can make it hard for you to conceive a baby when you are ready to welcome it into your life, and others who think that you shouldn’t stop taking your hormonal birth control because it will affect your fertility.

You must be confused and you don’t know with which category to go. Well, they are both wrong.
According to White, the birth control or contraception methods don’t alter anything and only do their job which is not allowing any possible pregnancies to happen as long as you are using them.

White also added that many patients were wondering what happens to the eggs if the woman is not ovulating for fifteen years. White explains that the quality of the eggs goes down over time. This means that if you are not ovulating for 15 years, the eggs are not going to be saved for you in your mid-thirties.

Unfortunately, eggs are a use them or lose them very simply. Therefore it’s not birth control that affects your fertility rather it’s biology. It’s just that you are getting older.

#11 – You stop taking birth control because you think that you “can’t” get pregnant

You stop taking birth control because you think that you can't get pregnant

Imagine how a tiny misinterpretation of your doctor’s words can lead you to unwanted pregnancy. Many women refuse to take birth control because they think they can’t get pregnant or rather because they mistake the word shouldn’t to the word can’t and fail to make a difference between the two.

When your doctor says you can’t get pregnant, what he actually means is you shouldn’t get pregnant, especially if you are suffering from a chronic disease. But what you hear is you “can’t” get pregnant. You stop your birth control and you end up pregnant.

Darling, next time don’t interpret things in your own way, rather see your doctor and talk more about it to find out if you really can’t or just shouldn’t.


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