9 The Most Effective Self-Defense Tricks That Can Actually Save Your Life

In such unpredictable world we live in, it is better to be prepared as you might never know what could possibly happen when you are very simply enjoying a lovely walk with your pampered pooch or walking to your car in the parking lot!

No intention to freak you out but bad people exist and they can mercilessly hurt you! Hence, it is important to be aware of how to defend yourself and save your own life in such life-threatening situations.

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We don’t say that you have to be a boxer, but it’s enough that you learn about some of the most dangerous points in the human body that you can use in case of an attack!

Attention: These pressure points can lead to serious damage and sometimes even to death. So, make sure you only use them when you are in a serious danger.

9 The Most Effective Self-Defense Tricks That Can Actually Save Your Life© Pinterest

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#1 – Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic Nerve© BrightSide

Imagine that you are peacefully walking and then suddenly somebody attacks you from behind. Obviously, you will be freaked out and feel that the attacker has more power over your body and that you can’t fight back.

In such cases, be smart and immediately try to press tightly on their sciatic nerve. The latter nerve is located right between the groin and the knee and more precisely on the middle of the inner thigh. This will cause them an unbearable pain, shock, dizziness, and temporary immobility of the foot.

#2 – Jaw

Jaw© BrightSide

This is again another sensitive point in the human body. So, next time your life is in danger, don’t hesitate to hit the attacker using the back of your hand. The attacker will eventually lose consciousness and that’s because when you hit this pressure point, the head turns sharply and the brain literally shakes.

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#3 – Biceps

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Biceps© BrightSide

A blow to the attacker’s biceps will give you time to run away and ask for help. This part of the body is very sensitive and when it’s hurt, the arm can undergo a temporary paralysis. It might also cause an involuntary relaxation of the attacker’s fingers, which in return can weaken their grip.

#4 – Brachial Plexus

Brachial Plexus© BrightSide

A strong hard blow to this particular part of the body can cause a very severe and intense pain along with numbness in the hand.

That’s not everything as very strong blow can lead to the breakage of the collarbone, which may lead to the rupture of the nerves of the brachial plexus and then an instant paralysis of the hand in addition to nausea and shock.

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#5 – Groin

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Groin© BrightSide

There are many sensitive nerves located in this particular part of the body and right a little bit above you’ll find genitals and the bladder. So, when in serious danger, think about nothing else but saving your life. A weak blow to this area is enough to cause the attacker a severe reaction while a strong blow can break the bladder and lead to shock.

#6 – Eyes

Eyes© BrightSide

Eyes are very sensitive and pressing them strongly can actually cause the attacker to lose their sight. So, it’s enough to press very lightly as this can cause their eyes to produce a lot of tears. This way, you’ll have the chance to escape and ask for help!

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#7 – Hands

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Hands© BrightSide

If the attacker holds your hands and couldn’t move, then, you might be smart and press the area between their fingers as it is displayed in the picture. Consequently, the attacker will lose their power and weaken their grip.

#8 – Tibialis Muscle

Tibialis Muscle© BrightSide

A hard blow to this area is enough to cause the attacker an unbearable pain along with nausea and inability to step on their limb. The thing that will give you enough time to escape. If the blow was too strong, the tibial may even break resulting in shock, nausea, and complete immobilization.

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#9 – Parotid Lymph Node

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Parotid Lymph Node© BrightSide

Here, you have two options :

– You either press your finger on the area behind their earlobe, say, into the pit between the jaw and neck using too much force.

– You can hold the grip of the ear in a fist, then, dash the lobe from the bottom up and finally twist the ear up toward yourself.

Remember: If you have the chance to escape without doing all this, then just do it!

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