4 Easy Tricks To Help You Sleep Like A Baby At Night

Do you know what our second best thing is after food? It is Sleep! Once we don’t get enough of it, our day will pass by horribly. The people will suddenly become more annoying, your job will get harder, and life, in general, will look unattractive.

But that’s not all, your back muscles will also end up hurting you, which will prevent you from having a good sleep, again!!

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In order to avoid this entire dilemma, you will probably think of a strong painkiller. But I have a better solution: You can do four easy tricks on your bed to rest your back muscles, help you relax, and then, guarantee you a better sleep.

4 Easy Tricks To Help You Sleep Like A Baby At Night© Collective Evolution


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#1 – Wind-relieving Pose

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1.Wind-relieving Pose© stylecraze

This pose is also known as Pawanmuktasana, which is a Yoga pose that helps relieves the spine, especially the thighs and lower back in less than a minute. Plus, it can regulate the work of the intestine, which makes it more useful if it was done in the morning.

• Relax on your back.

• Bend your knees.

• As you inhale, reach your hands forward and wrap your knees.

• As you exhale, hug your knees and then press them to your tummy.

• Breathe deeply!

• As you inhale, move your legs away from the torso.

• As you exhale, let them approach it.

• Hold for 9-10 breaths (about one full minute).

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#2 – Feet on the wall

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2.Feet on the wall© Forte Yoga

This pose will relax both your back and legs, open your chest, and allow your lungs to be completely satisfied with oxygen before you go to bed.

• Fold a pillow and place it next to a wall or the end of your bed.

• Lie down on it while pressing your buttocks against the end of the bed or the wall.

• Lift your feet to the wall.

• Open your chest and spread your arms to the sides.

• Relax and breathe slowly.

• Lower your legs after 1-2 minutes.

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#3 – Wave exercises

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3. Wave exercises© brightside

These wave exercises are necessary to relax the deep muscles of your spine, which are located under the surface layers.
Step 1:

• Put small rolled towels under your neck and waist.

• Stay as relaxed as possible while swinging your feet from side to side.

• Without stopping this first pose, shake your head from side to side, too. Try to not strain your back or neck.

• Relax as much as you can and let the wave of vibrations takes over your spine.

• Complete this step for one full minute.

Step 2:

• Lie on your face, toes resting on the bed, and arms at your sides.

• Put a towel or a pillow under your forehead.

• Shake your feet from side to side.

• Enjoy the wave traveling along your relaxed body.

• Do it for one full minute.

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#4 – Shavasana

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4.Shavasana© StyleCraze

Shavasana is a famous Yoga pose that is loved and desired by everyone. If you do it properly, then you will be ready to fall asleep.

• Spread your legs slightly as you lie down on your back, and don’t forget to put a pillow or a towel under your neck and head.

• Your hand palms up.

• Relax your whole body slowly, and start from your toes to the top of your head.

• Do 20 respiratory cycles, and then stop controlling your breath – let your body do it for you.

• Relax your mind and watch your thoughts and feelings float by! Don’t focus on any of them.

• Slowly, you will feel the world around you vanishing, and your body will relax.

• Now cover yourself, and have sweet dreams!

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