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Why It Is Harder For Females To Shed Fat Than Men

It is common observation that men tend to lose weight quickly as compare to women. Women ever need 20 % more exercise to lose weight instead of men.

There are a few reasons to describe the difference between both men and women in terms of weight loss:

Muscle mass of men and women is different naturally. Men’s muscle mass is more than the muscle mass of women, that’s why men burn more calories. Hormones of men and women are different

Women have more attachment to food as compare to men, which results in more eating to gain weight Women spend most of their time in kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s why they eat more than men.

Men and women have different brains to think and react. Women are more sensitive than men so they tend to shed fat slowly as compare to men.

Both men and women get blue in case of disappointments, but women gain more weight when they disappoint usually. Women are less likely to involve in physical activities as compare to men. In the result, men shed fat during their regular routine but women have to do special workout to burn fat.

Above mentioned reasons describe that the physical and natural activities of both males and females are different, which result in weight loss program automatically without losing health and fitness.


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