To build your muscles and lose extra fats you need proteins. Proteins play an important role in our fitness and good health. Though there are a lot of foods that are loaded with proteins but today we will discuss about the top 20 meat proteins that can be helpful for us to achieve out fitness goal. Research proves that to repair and build muscles each person should take 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

Now you can guess how much proteins are required for your body. So when you go for grocery shopping make sure your cart is full of variety of high protein foods.

The canned and processed foods are killer, so one should avoid them as much as they can. Natural foods containing proteins are not only excellent for muscles mass but for our general health too.


So let’s see which sources are best to get the proteins


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#1 – Beef

Beef meat comes from cows and it is generally more fats as compared to white meat. Choose the lean cuts to avoid extra fats. The beef has a good amount of proteins and other essential nutrients. 100 grams beef contains 250 calories and 26 gram proteins.

#2 – chicken

Chicken is exceptionally lean cut meat and contains a large amount of proteins. It is also loaded with other nutrients such as B12, vitamin B3, selenium. Hence all around the world it is considered as healthy meat as compared to red meat. It is also low in calories and fats.

For muscle building and losing weight this meat is a wonderful option. It contains 239 calories and 27 grams proteins in 100 grams serving.

#3 – prawns

Prawns are good protein food and very healthy in eating. In 100grams of it, you will find 105 calories and 20.14 grams proteins.

#4 – Crabs

Crabs are packed with high proteins and omega 3. It is very good for our health and 100 grams of crabs contains 83 calories and 18 grams proteins.

#5 – Turkey

It is also a white meat option and is very commonly eaten in many countries Thanksgiving and charismas dinners are incomplete without Turkey meat. So, now eat healthy meat that is high in proteins, low in fats and calories. 100 grams contains 104 calories and 17 grams proteins.

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#6 – cusk

Cusk or also known as tusk is a kind of fish. It is very common in some countries due to its nutrition values. It is a good source of protein and 100 grams contains 87 calories and 19 grams proteins.

#7 – Lemon sole

It is a good source of protein and low saturates fats. This fish is commonly eaten in many countries around the world. 100 grams of lemon sole contains 92 calories and 18 grams proteins.

#8 – Ground beef

Beef is one of the most consumed meats all around the world. Cows, bulls,steers or heifers meat are beef. They are rich in proteins and ideal option for building mass.100 grams contain 332 calories and 14 grams proteins.

#9 – duck meat

Ugly duckling or beautiful one, no matter the meat of the duck is very healthy and tasty. They are consumed in abundance and are tasty birds. People in many countries eat duck as a favorite meat. The meat of pekin duck is more common in USA and many other companies. 100g of meat contains 337 calories and protein 19 g

#10 – tuna

It is a salt water finfish and is rich in proteins. It is easily available in fish markets. It is known as the healthiest food especially if you are looking for weight loss diet or muscle building. It also contains a huge amount of nutrients such as selenium, vitamin B2, magnesium, vitamin D, phosphorous and others. 100 grams serving contains 184 calories and 30 grams proteins.

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#11 – salmon

If you are looking for a super protein meat then Salmon is for you. It is a fish from the family of Salmonidae.It is rich in nutrients and loaded with proteins. For muscle mass it is a perfect food to have daily. 100 grams serving contains 208 calories and 20 grams proteins.

#12 – Shell FISH

Shell fish is very healthy and tasty fish and well known around the world for it essential nutrients and proteins.100 grams serving contains 99 calories and 24 grams proteins.

#13 – Lamb

Lamb meat is low in sodium and high in proteins. Phosphorous, iron, zinc, copper, Pantothenic Acid, B12, B6 and many more are found in this meat. In 100 grams you find 239 calories and 25 gram proteins.

#14 – Goat meat

Goat meat is very commonly eaten meat all around the world. It is also known as mutton. It is the main source of animal proteins in many countries. It is established as lean meat with wonderful favorable nutritional qualities. It is an excellent choice of health conscious and fitness love consumer. 100 g of meat contains 23 g proteins and 122 calories.

#15 – shrimp

Shrimps are worldwide eaten by famous dish. It is also sea food and a perfect source of proteins. After fish it is the most common sea food eaten in many countries. They are available in fresh and frozen form. It is made in many different forms and is very delicious in taste.100 grams shrimp contains 92 calories and 24 grams proteins

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#16 – sheep

Bah bah black sheep have you any meat? Yes, it has very sweet tender meat. It is globally eaten by millions of people every day. It is quiet same to goat meat and has that nutrient. 100 grams of sheep meat contains 19 g proteins and 297 calories.

#17 – lobster

Many people around the world love lobster. In well-known restaurants you will find lobster as a special dish. After fish and shrimps it is the most common sea food all around the world. It contains a good amount of proteins and is low in calories.100 grams of lobster contains 19 g proteins and 89 calories.

#18 – Halibut

When it comes to proteins for muscle mass and weight loss Halibut is the great choice for you. It contains good amount of proteins and is low in calories.

#19 – Scallops

For muscle building goal scallops is a good choice of lean amount of proteins. They are easy to cook and needs very less cooking time. It is high in proteins and low in calories.

#20 – Fish cod

It is very healthy and full of nutrition meat. It is packed with vitamin D, B12, B6, iron, zinc, potassium and high in proteins. 100 grams contain 82 calories and 18 grams proteins.


These are above list of common meats that is loaded with proteins. If you want to start a healthy life then you have to add some of the meat forms in your diet plan. The high amount of proteins in the meat are not only essential for our body but also a perfect choice for weight loss and muscle building.

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