Top 10 Foods that Will Make You Look Older

Top 10 Foods that Will Make You Look Older

The food that you eat can remarkably affect your health, so if you’re old and tired before your time, then you simply are the junk food choices you have digested. Clearly, the biggest issue is that we tend to send confusing messages to consumers, about what is fun to eat, and what is actually dangerous for your health.

We won’t try to discuss how cigarettes and street drugs make you look fifty because that’s at least one thing the mainstream media is honest about. However, no one has the courage to quite frankly tell you that what you might already be eating is the real cause behind your twenty-years-older look.

Avoid these 10 foods that will make you age faster than you should:

#10 – Fast Food

Fast Food

Fast food from all your preferred chain restaurants is probably the most poisonous food the FDA permits you to eat. Even worse, this is probably some type of radioactive formula, to be honest.

Junk food containing contains trans fat is going to make your skin look inflexible, rigid, and very hard. Trans-fats block the arteries and the smaller blood vessels, making your heart work harder just to get you through the day.

#9 – Processed Foods

Processed Foods

Some processed foods have trans-fat and they also have heavy carbohydrates which are known to harm collagen and fibers in your skin. Moreover, processed foods contain a lot of artificial ingredients like preservatives and food coloring, as well as flavor and texturants.

Keep in mind that large corporations often get away with including mysterious ingredients inside processed foods without listing them. Would you trust a stranger on the street who offered you some mystery food?

#8 – High Salt Meals

High Salt Meals

Meals with large quantities of salt dehydrate your body and this leads you to feel tired, which makes you look worn out, battered, and about 10 years older than your real age. Most importantly, too much salt is infamous for increasing your risk of kidney disease, high blood pressure, and bone metabolism.

#7 – Coffee and High levels of Caffeine

Coffee and High levels of Caffeine The Hearty Soul

Coffee is not really bad for your health but you certainly have already noticed that you feel thirsty soon after drinking it, that’s because coffee, as well as caffeinated drinks, dehydrates your body quite fast.

So, to keep things balanced, you need to drink more water immediately after your cup of coffee to stay hydrated, otherwise, you’ll end up looking exhausted and worn out, and you’ll also harm your skin.

#6 – Alcoholic Beverage

Alcoholic Beverage

Anything that is good for you can also kill you! Really, alcohol is good for you, but only when you drink no more than a glass of wine a day. Heavy drinking will consequently lead to severe dehydration and liver disease and add along the way wrinkles formation. Moreover, your skin will experience redness and collagen loss.

#5 – Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks the Telegraph

You should steer clear of these drinks if you want to maintain a healthy appearance and a beautiful face. Energy drinks consist of enormous levels of caffeine in addition to a host of unhealthy and strange unnatural ingredients. The worst of it all is that these beverages can harm the enamel in your teeth eight times more than coke does.

#4 – Soda Pop

Soda Pop Maclean’s

No, we didn’t really mean drink more soda, but far fewer energy drinks. In fact, soda dehydrates the body and has plenty of processed sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and other terrible ingredients. This is actually the health equivalent of eating Lego. Soda doesn’t hydrate your body, water does, and so if you want to enjoy a can of soda you need to drink even more water.

#3 – Dessert

Dessert Co-op News

Sugar leads to undesirable inflammation, which promotes aging effects. There are really no health advantages to sugar, nothing but empty calories.

Well, it does give you short-term energy but it can mess with your metabolism, lead to insulin resistance, raise cholesterol and fat level in your liver, and cause high triglycerides.

Moreover, it can lead to a variety of diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, over time. Try to think of dessert like a cigarette and you will get the idea.

#2 – Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners

People are torn between having a healthy diet by cutting sugar and trying to substitute it for artificial sweeteners like aspartame or Splenda, but this alternative gets many trapped. They assume they are doing their bodies a favor while in reality, are causing a great harm.

These sweeteners have had a direct liaison with cancer and even short-term effects like headaches and nausea. Besides, they were also shown to be connected to joint pain, another sign of rapid aging.

#1 – Microwave Dinners

Microwave Dinners Harvard Health

People should learn to be scared of microwave dinners just like the way they are of Gremlin. Microwave meals have an excessive amount of sodium, which leads to water retention and a puffy appearance, giving you a little too much of a dad bod look.

These unhealthy meals also have high levels of salt and preservatives which lead to additional issues with puffiness and inflammation. If you want to keep the “young and beautiful” look, you know what to do.


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