This Is How Your Body Is Affected When You Eat Too Much Dairy!

Dairy products are consumed by millions of people every single day, and a lot of those people seem to be doing fine. However, there are ways in which your body gets affected if you eat too many dairy products. Therefore, you need to be a little bit cautious when eating dairy foods.

The dairy product list goes on and on, for it seems that there isn’t an end to the things that you can make out of milk. However, in this article, we are not going to focus on listing dairy foods. Instead, we are going to tell you an idea about the effects of eating too much of any of the items on the famous dairy foods list.

Keep reading, therefore, to know all about dairy side effects. You might not have dairy product intolerance, but you might get affected, nevertheless, with symptoms that can either be minor or major.

After reading this article, you will start meticulously picking types of dairy products that will not cause you a lot of trouble; moreover, you might even ditch foods that have dairy in them altogether.


#1 – Gas and Bloating

If you have the habit of eating too much dairy foods, then your stomach can end up feeling very unpleasant. That feeling of unpleasantness manifests itself in the form of gas and bloating. The experience, moreover, will be unpleasant for the people around you as well.

Start eating more dairy-free products instead of too many milk dairy products that you are currently consuming. However, we would not advise cutting dairy altogether from your life, just enough to avoid dairy bloating.

#2 – Stomach Pains

Another side effect that has to do with the stomach is the unpleasant stomach pain. This happens to people who have dairy foods for breakfast, dairy foods for lunch and, surprisingly, dairy foods for dinner—that is a lot of dairy, to be honest.

The dairy food group is essential for the human body; however, no one should eat it excessively. Your stomach will definitely not like, and the pain will be very unpleasant. So make sure that you moderate your intake of dairy products.

#3 – Inflammation

Another risk of eating too many dairy products is increased inflammation. This is an issue that happens most often with people that consume cheese a lot. True, your body will benefit in one way or the other from eating cheese; however, cheese belongs to the list of dairy foods that become hard on your body if consumed in large quantities.

Make sure, therefore, that you go easy on the cheese. Also, people who already suffer from inflammatory disease should refrain from eating any dairy.

#4 – Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels Rise

As with inflammation, eating too many dairy products will cause your blood pressure levels as well as your cholesterol levels to rise—and that is not something that anyone would want to suffer from.

Therefore, if you are aware that your blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels are susceptible to sudden increases, make sure that you moderate your intake of dairy foods, so as not to suffer any unnecessary consequences.

#5 – Breakouts on Your Skin

Of course, there are healthy dairy products, and there are dairy foods to avoid, however, you should never opt for foods with no dairy. In this article, we try to urge you to stay moderate in your intake of dairy foods, because moderation will allow you to avoid skin problems, such as the breakout of pimples on your skin.

Therefore, make sure that you keep the skin healthy by not eating too many dairy products. Your complexion will thank you for that!

#6 – No Heart Disease Prevention

There is a myth-making circle that if you eat dairy products abundantly, you will prevent even incurring heart disease. That is wrong! The fact of the matter is that if you eat too many dairy foods, you could cause your arteries to be clogged because dairy products contain a lot of fat, which does not sit well with your cardiovascular system.

If you feel that you have such a risk, make sure that you eat more of foods with no dairy and less of dairy foods, especially full-fat dairy products.

#7 – Increased Risk of Cancer

Yup, you heard that right! People who consume large amounts of dairy products have a higher chance of getting cancer than those who do not consume dairy foods abundantly. This is what a 2014 study concluded.

Examples of dairy products that could increase your chance of getting cancer are milk and cheese. Therefore, if you have a habit of drinking a lot of milk every day, make sure that you cut down your intake of that!

#8 – Low Breast Cancer Survival Rate

More than increasing the chance of getting cancer, consuming dairy products lowers the chance of surviving from breast cancer. So, are dairy products bad for one’s health and cancer survival prospects?

Indeed they are! God forbid, we do not want anyone to have to suffer from breast cancer; however, if a woman finds herself in that position, she needs to make sure that she consumes more of gluten and dairy-free foods and less dairy products. This way her chance of survival does not plummet.

#9 – Slow Liver Functions

Dairy products cause bloating—that is an established fact! However, did you know that your liver functions slow down when you consume too much dairy products?

Well, it does! And you should be very careful and only eat very moderate amounts of dairy foods each day—never go over the top! Moreover, make sure that you avoid raw dairy products to stay on the safe side of things. The liver is an important organ whose functions should never be hindered.

#10 – Weaker Bones

Well, the general consensus seems to be that dairy is good for your bones: it has calcium, which will make your bones stronger. However, that is not quite right!

A study published in the year 2014 has found that drinking too much milk increases a woman’s chances of having very week bones. Now that you know, make sure that you moderate your intake of milk and other dairy products so as not to risk having weaker bones.

This has been a list of the health side effects that consuming too many dairy products will have on your health. Therefore, make sure that you remain moderate in your consumption of such products. We know that they are delicious, but you have to make sure that you remain healthy!


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