What is BCAA?

Last Updated on January 12, 2021

They are the branched chain amino-acids

Recently the branched-chain amino acid supplement have been reintroduced into the fitness and bodybuilding market, there are good reasons they making waves today in the bodybuilding arena.

A lot of scientific researched supports the use of BCAA than other amino acids supplement in the market today.

They are three in numbers and they are called:

  1. L-Valine
  2. L-Leucine
  3. L- Isoleucine

These BCAAs are 3 of the eight essential amino-acids, that is, it is needed by the body but cannot be produced by the body. There are many amino acids; about eight of them cannot be produced by the body.

They are called branch chain amino-acids because of the occurrence of the branch in their molecular formula.


It is needed in the body to help trigger the synthesis of protein; the body derives energy from them. The amino acids are used by the body. They help to protect muscle lean mass. So the body definitely needs them the body makes use of them, body tissues especially.

Inadequate supply of the Branch chain amino acids, they   depleted fast during exercise, the exercise that should build the muscles, especially at the gym.

The BCCA support insulin activity. It performs very well in insulin.

Insulin which is a high anabolic hormone which the pancreas releases. The work of the insulin is to help in the transport of nutrients the body cells which serves as fuel for the muscles and reloads glycogen the BCAA L- leucine supports protein of the muscle synthesis through the activation of mTor mainly to increase muscle size.

People are yet to accept the supplement of BCAA. They think it’s a waste of time and money, they also think companies just want to make money by producing the supplement personally think they are good as it has been proofed that it is needed by the body and the body cannot really produce enough  of it.

You can get it in daily nutrition but getting the supplement is a way to get it into your body. It about finding the product with no additives like flavors and sugar.

The whole of essential amino acids are very important you can get it from daily nutrition. It is possible to stay without the BCAA supplement.

But supplementing helps a lot just like protein, you do not need to take protein supplement because it is readily available through your whole food but there are times you need to supplement to make up for what you do not get through whole food.

  • To make this simple, BCAA generally speed up recovery and help the ATP (adenosine triphosphate).
  • They help lower muscle fatigue.
  • Also, helps prevent muscles break down during fitness training.
  • BCAA helps maintain cuticles level.
  • Gives support to dropping hormone levels. So it is a supplement one should   look into getting.
  • There is a complete difference when you take it as you work out in the gym for bodybuilding.
  • It is worth the money spent on the fact that even if it is not really working, the mental effect of a significant role to gain more muscle mass.


L- Valine: helps brings muscle growth, it enhances muscle metabolism Also gives a whole lot of energy.

L- Leucine: helps to increase the secretion of insulin.

L- Isoleucine: it helps boost your energy level this also improves our health status.


New scientific studies have proven that, taking the supplement helps maximize the loss of fat and increase the retention of muscles more than the non BCAA supplemented class.

They can be used as fast source of energy during intense cardio workout because they bypass the liver and goes directly into the blood cells.

They are absorbed very fast into the blood stream, so provides instant energy

With what we have above one would deduce that despite the public rejection of BCAA, it has enormous advantages when the supplement is taken, it also enhance physical health. So it is left for us to get it from a reputable company to be sure of quality and standard.


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