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Role of Vitamin C in Burning Fat

Last Updated on January 7, 2021


You would know many foods that burn fats and help in losing weight. There are just a few which are compatible with natural mechanism of body, thus assist in burning fat without any harm to health.
Vitamin C is the most flexible and significant nutrient that aids body in burring fats. It is helpful in cell-building and cell growth. Immune system performance is much more enhanced when aided with vitamin C. If you are really interested in losing weight fast without any side effect, vitamin C is a best option.

Vitamin C burns fat in two ways:

1. It regulated the hormone balance which are responsible for fat storage in body
2. Vitamin C is a building structure of amino acid which burn the stored fats in the human body.

Cortisol, a stress hormone performs the function of protecting body from mental and physical stress. When brain feels stress, it stimulated the production of cortisol which converts glucose into fats. In the presence of vitamin C, stress feeling is reduced, less cortisol is produced and so less storage of fats.

For weight loss, excessive vitamin C should be taken. You should use food rich in Vitamin C rather than supplements. If you are in hurry, you can take 2-3 vitamin C tablets each of 500 mg potency. You will be able to lose 6-8 pounds weekly.


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