6 Ways On How To Improve Muscular Endurance Every Day

Last Updated on December 20, 2020

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Working our muscles has nothing to do with looking good in pictures. Having abs or defined thighs doesn’t mean you’re a healthy person, just like having a little bit of fat on your belly or tummy doesn’t mean you have to lose weight.
However, having a strong body is important for our daily activities.
If you don’t work on your muscles, you’ll become weaker over time. You won’t be able to go for a hike in your 40’s or even walk once you become older.
Since muscles are a big part of our health, it’s a requirement that you start to take care of them right now!
So if you want to learn how to improve your health by building some muscles, keep reading to find out six simple steps that will help you daily.

1. Get your daily dose of sun

Getting a daily dose of vitamin D has a huge impact on your appearance. Not only on the outside but inside as well. Studies have shown that people who lack vitamin D also lack muscle strength. For instance, only 10 minutes of direct sunlight every day is enough to keep your body in a healthy state. Just be careful to always wear sunscreen whenever you’re outside, especially during hot hours (from 11 am to 5 pm). There are many ways you can get your daily vitamin D. If you have a balcony or porch in your house, why not take breakfast in it? You’ll be in a better mood, and your skin and muscles will thank you for it.

2. Include Protein In Every Meal

Balancing your protein intake is a great way on how to get a strong body without exercise. Of course, working out has its benefits, and it should always be a part of your routine. But the food you put inside your body is also super important. Eating a steak every once in a while is not enough source of protein. Protein should be consumed throughout the day. Therefore, you should aim to eat a little bit of protein in every single meal you have. For example, during breakfast, you can have an omelet or scrambled eggs. For lunch and dinner, eat a small amount of meat or fish. Other foods for strong bones and muscles are greek yogurts, milk, spinach, peanut butter, salmon, chicken breast…

3. Pomegranates Are Your New Best Friend

Did you know that pomegranates can help with the preservation of muscles? This happens because pomegranates (raspberries as well) are rich in a molecule, which is called ellagic acid. Inside of us, this acid transforms into another substance, which goes by the name of urolithin A. This substance has been studied, and scientists found that urolithin A enables our muscle cells to self-guard against dysfunctional mitochondria. Besides raspberries and pomegranates, all kinds of veggies and fruits must be consumed to maintain a healthy body.

4. Lift Weights Every Other Day

Everyone should do cardio, and this includes walking, swimming, dancing, or simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, if you really want to know how to maintain body shape, you should know that cardio is not enough. To strengthen your muscles or simply keep them active to maintain your muscle mass, you need to do resistance training as well. Even though the best type of exercise for muscle gain for good health is lifting weights, you don’t have to go to the gym and lift heavy weights every day. You can do aerobic exercises at home with your body weight that will also work your muscles. If you are just interested in keeping strong back muscles and legs so you can do your daily activities and grow old without having to worry about mobility, then pilates or yoga can be a great choice for you.

5. Transform Your Daily Routine Into A Workout

This is a great option for those who possess a busy lifestyle and can’t be bothered with a gym membership or cooking healthy meals. For instance, instead of taking the car to get to your job on time, try to ride a bike! Or even better, take a fresh walk.It doesn’t have to be every day, but by doing this, you’d be helping your body gain some resistance while burning some calories. It might be hard at first, but the more you do it, the easier it gets because you’ll be building resistance. Also, if you have a desk job, there are many exercises you can do with your legs while sitting down to work your muscles. There’s never an excuse not to work out!

6. Stretch!

Lifting weights or doing any resistance training is the best way to work and transform your muscles. But what you do prior and after these workouts can determine if your muscles will grow effectively in a healthy way or not. Stretching before and after a workout is always important. You’ll be warming up your muscles for the actual workout and prevent possible injuries. After the workout, it’s also a good idea to stretch to relax the muscles and allow them to grow overnight. Even if you’re not planning on working out, it’s advisable to stretch at least once a day, either right after you wake up or before you go to bed, to relax and sleep better. So are you ready to transform your body and health? All you need is a little bit of time and a tiny bit of effort. Remember that it’s impossible to see results overnight. The changes in your body will only be noticeable after some time, so don’t give up even if you don’t see any differences, simply trust the process!


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