Innovative Woman Proven this Miracle Diet Plan Effective

Innovative Woman Proven this Miracle Diet Plan Effective

Just like any other woman who wants a change and was looking for some miracle diet to fit her needs, I was searching and testing, to finally find this wonderful and effective diet. It’s not about magically losing pounds in no time, but it actually works.

It was necessary to change my eating habits, but the main problem was the lack of time and proper conditions, thus I’ve decided to substitute some foods in my daily diet.

Now here are the foods excluded and included in this miracle diet plan

12. Bread


I did not completely avoid bread, but rather replaced it with crackers, biscuits, and brown bread. Little by little, I also minimized the portions, and as days went by, I realized that I’ve never really wanted to eat bread it that much.

11. Sodas


Normally, I don’t drink soda on a regular basis, I prefer the light option. But I’ve started critically reducing the number of sugary drinks I usually consume. And whenever I can avoid drinking sodas altogether, I do so.

10. Alcoholic drinks


Sometimes, it’s very difficult to avoid having a drink, especially if you’re meeting with friends or attending an event. Personally, I prefer not to have alcohol at all but when I have to, I choose wine over all other drink. At least wine has some health benefits.

9. Sugar

Sugar was actually very simple to replace. I’ve switched to various types of low-calorie sweeteners, so I’ve just had to pay more attention to portions and to they way I incorporate these sugars into my meals. Whenever possible, I totally avoid this kind of sweeteners and use natural honey instead.

8. Juices

This was such a huge change. I abandoned bringing those artificially sweetened juices into my house once for all! And started purchasing organic fresh fruits and making my own natural various and healthy juices. My kids and I actually loved it.

7. Coffee

I sure love coffee, but it wasn’t so hard to let it go since I replaced it with green coffee. Green coffee has so many benefits and most of all it’s actually a natural fat-burning drink. At first, it tasted a bit different, but it was so easy to get used to it.

6. Breakfast

Breakfast is the main meal of the day. You should never ever skip it! Because having breakfast can prevent you from gaining weight. So I started to have a healthy as possible breakfast every single morning, no matter what. Then I made some replacements such as switching from eggs and ham to eggs and veggies, or from cereals and butter to oats and fruits.

5. Chocolate


Giving up chocolate was not even an option for me. No one can give up this yummy mood-boosting product! However, I’m not a heavy chocolate consumer, I enjoy having some every once in a while. It makes me feel so good, so I decided to start buying only the healthiest chocolate which is the dark one. The darker the chocolate, the less fat it contains.

4. Fruits

Americans love their ranch dressing that they put it on everything, burgers, pizzas, fries, salads, and even dip vegetables in it. It sure tastes great but is not so great for your health. What is mostly considered as ‘normal’ serving, one ounce at least, contains 137 calories and over 7 grams of fat.

Ranch dressing turns any food to a whole monster of calories, as it’s also filled with sugar, malt dextrin, and artificial colors and flavors. It is best to use a homemade option that is both delicious and healthy.

3. Dressings


I used to put dressings on so many recipes, especially mayo. But after a lot of reading and searching, I found out that I should kick it out of my diet as soon as possible. So I discovered many delicious and healthy options to replace it, such as avocado, olive oil, cream cheese…etc. I followed the light option, and the result was surprisingly great.

2. Yogurts

fat free

After many readings, I figured out that the best way to enjoy a healthy yogurt is to start making it by myself at home. Natural is always better. I rarely buy light yogurts from the supermarket but when I do, I avoid creamy ones at all costs.

1. Exercice

Yes, of course. I also started walking 20 minutes 2 or 3 times a week, and little by little started walking for just 30 minutes every day. Or almost every day. 😉


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