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Health Benefits Of Ginger Lemon Honey Tea

Ginger, lemon and honey have been in existence from ages. They are known to be nature’s finest energy giving foods as they offer great benefits to man in terms of food and medicine.

Each have their own medicinal properties to mankind hence the combination of this three as tea offers great lot of positive impact to human body. These benefits include:

9. Anti-inflammatory

lemon-honey-tea-0Inflammation occurs in the body when white blood cells fights against invaders such as bacteria, toxins etc. which may be harmful to the body. However, chronic inflammation can be a source of autoimmune deficiencies such as arthritis and rheumatism.

Honey presence makes it the best sweetening agent for food and can be administered to diabetic and arthritic patient as their sugar cause rapid combustion and consumption of fat.

8. Reduces Nausea and other digestive disorders

lemon-honey-tea-1it reduces occurrence of nausea by increasing digestive fluids that absorb and neutralize toxins and acid in the stomach. It also aids circulation of food particles by lowering chance of indigestion.

7. Low Cholesterol Level

lemon-honey-tea-2Ginger Lemon Honey Tea lows cholesterol level in the body by reducing cholesterol absorption in the liver and blood. Their antioxidant characteristics serves as blood purifier in

the body system removing toxin related and fat substance. It’s also known to be a quick fat burner due to the presence of Vitamin C.

6. Fights Cancer

lemon-honey-tea-3It has been researched that ginger serves as a repellant for brain and breast cancer. Fresh ginger contains gingerol which acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance which may prevent cancer.

They also have high presence of iron and calcium which may also be beneficial to cancer cure as it increases the rate of cell division thereby replacing dead cells, inhibit tumor formation program removal of dead cells.

5. Immune booster

lemon-honey-tea-4They also serve as immune booster due to their high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties working as blood tonic and blood purifier in the body.

Their high presence Vitamin C and Calcium aids clotting of wound and supporting structures in the body.

4. Pain and stress reliever

lemon-honey-tea-5They serve as both energy producing and detoxification substance in the body. After loss of energy, stress is induced hence supply of energy is needed.

Lot of toxins are also accumulated in the body when it undergoes stress hence Ginger Lemon Honey Tea offers the best option before and after a long day work.

3. Metabolism boost

lemon-honey-tea-6rate of metabolism increases in the body due to their antioxidant properties. This results to increased active and energized life in daily activities.

2. Weight loss

lemon-honey-tea-7Ginger is known to be a sugar suppressant, hence weight loss which could occur due to accumulation of fats from saturated sugars is limited.

Their presence of natural sugars don’t add up to weight in the body as that also hasten the burning of fat. High content of Vitamin C in the mixture also burns excess fat in the body.

1. Perfect for skin and hair

lemon-honey-tea-8Honey is used according to research in prevention of hair loss or breakage. They also have folic acid, Vitamin A and D which are responsible for hair growth and smooth skin.Ginger Lemon Honey Tea if used as beverage offers enough benefits for health and active living.

People suffering from ailments like diabetes and arthritis have nothing to be scared off as they are beneficial to their health and pose no danger of deteriorating their health issues.


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