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Dark chicken meat

Chicken is very important in the fitness industry. You can find almost in all restaurants chicken as number one dish. People of all ages love to have chicken on special occasions and you will find a number of chicken recipes for various occasions.

Chicken is a great source of protein and in the fitness industry it plays an important role. It is also less in fats that is the reason for fitness and slim shape of your body chicken is the best option.

On the other hand men looking to build muscle mass, for all of them chicken is a wonderful and magical option to achieve their goal. The chicken is tender and juicy when cooked and you can make it in various forms.



Now let’s discuss eggs. Eggs are the amazing and very healthy addition to your breakfast. It is packed with proteins, calcium and other nutrients that are essential for our body. In weight losing and building muscles mass eggs play a vital role.

Eggs are cheap in rates and everyone can afford it for their fitness purposes. You probably have noticed that various kinds of diet plans for building muscles and losing weight contains eggs. Hence, to compare which is better we will discuss and compare some important things then you decide which is more healthy and good.

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Are eggs contain more proteins or chicken?

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Proteins are known as the building blocks for the muscles, body cells, tissues etc. If you are taking low carb then the proteins also provides you energy. Proteins can be found in a wide range of foods but the instant that comes in mind are the meat and eggs. Though these both are known as a source of complete proteins but let see the actual protein amount in per serving.

Nutrients in 100 grams chicken
Proteins: 27 grams | Calories: 153 | Intangibles: None | Sodium: 51 mg | Fat: 4 g

Nutrients in 100 grams eggs
Protein: 13 g | Calories: 155 | Sodium: 124 mg | Fat: 11 g | Cholesterol: 373 mg

There is a quiet significant difference between the nutritional values of these two. You can see yourself which is healthier. But on the other hand you should not forget that it’s not all about proteins. Eggs are the great source of glutamine and for body builder glutamine is a perfect choice. The more ideal way to benefit you is to take an egg with a piece of chicken for quick and better achievement.

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For lean and slim body

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If you task is to lose weight and get a lean and slim shape of the body then chicken is number one option for you. It is the perfect way to lose weight and cut the fats from the body.

For building muscles mass

On the other hand if you are looking for various ways to build mass on your muscles and become a good body builder then eggs will work more efficiently. The glutamine and proteins together will work for your muscle mass and in few days with exercise you will find your muscles like a body builder.

Who is the winner?

– To see who wins there is a slight difference and it totally depends on you aim and choice. Some people say eggs are perfect and winners because their goal is to build mass where as for the people looking to lose some extra weight from the body says chicken is number one. You will have to decide which is better for you and for what purpose you are taking it.

– For low fat choice and quick results you have to take hard boiled eggs and same is with the chicken. It’s better to take chicken in your meals in the form of boiled, grilled, steamed etc.

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  • Both are low calories, low fats and high protein diet.
  • Both are number one option in the fitness industry.
  • Both are cheap in rates and affordable for majority of the people.

Although comparing grams to grams chicken contains more proteins but if we see the nutritional value both are very important. If you will skip eggs then it will be hard to achieve your goal and same is with chicken. Skipping chicken from daily diet will lead you to the failure of your task. Now you have to decide what you need more or “BOTH.”

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