You are going to gym and have to work hard for long time in the gym then what should you eat. Majority of us are only concerned about the post workout meal and ignore pre workout meal. Your pre-workout meal is very important for your health and of course your fitness.

You must fuel your body before you go for the gym. For muscle growth, only exercise is not important, pre workout meal also plays very important role. Without this fuel your workout won’t be intensive as they should be. Now the question is what you should eat to fuel the body before workout.


Here I am going to list 8 tips to improve your per- workout meals


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#1 – Dates

Dates are one of the top workout fuels for you to keep running up to marathon distance. The Dates are high in glucose, so they work rapidly. Your body even starts to assimilate a portion of the sugar from dates underneath your tongue when you place one in your mouth.

So in case you’re after all other options have been exhausted and require instant energy there is no better option than dates. Buy the dates in bulk. You can add a modest bunch of nuts to support the protein or get dates and nuts together for better results.

#2 – Fresh fruits

Fruits are also one of the best pre-workout meals. Oranges make a superb expansion to your pre-workout meal. Its small but sufficient amount will work in the best way and will help you kick start your workout in the gym. Oranges give the instant energy source. That is the reason you will see many body builders in the gym sucking oranges before they get started.

#3 – Keep fat intake low

Whatever you take as your pre workout meal make sure it is low in fats. Fats slow down the digestion process. It is something that is opposite what you want to earn from your workout. So eat the foods that are low in fats to get the best results.

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#4 – White rice

If you don’t wants dates or fruits or something sweet then take a plate of boiled salty brown rice. Yes, I am talking about rice. White rice is magnificent food as well as delicious. If you particularly take it with a drizzle of soy sauce then you will enjoy its taste. Hence, it is a good chance to enjoy the carbohydrates that you normally don’t. The rice will help you during your workout so take it at least two hours before your workout routine

#5 – Oatmeal and protein powder

Oats is an exemplary pre-workout meal, most likely in light of the fact that it’s a breakfast food. Most of the people love to work out in the morning so it is best for them to have a bowl of oatmeal. For more energy you can add nuts and peanut butter in it along with protein powder. Since cereal is an entirely full of nutrient food, it takes more time to digest and keeps you full for long time.

#6 – Time is all about workout

If you want your body to get the best out from your food and what you eat, plan your time of pre-workout dinner 30-45 minutes before your workout. On the other hand, let the clock tick away, and you hold up too long your body could store the food you just ate as fat rather than prepared useable fuel and this is the general purpose of a pre-workout feast.

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#7 – Inspect the ingredients what you are eating

Numerous foods that seem healthy from a brisk look are really high in sugar, sodium, and fat. Obviously, a few fats like Omega 3 unsaturated fats are good for our health; yet try to avoid from eating anything that contains immersed fats or trans-fats. More fatty foods will ruin your struggle of workout and you will not get the required results.

#8 – Balance

The perfect pre-workout meal consists of a balanced amount of carbohydrates and low-fat protein. If you will take in sufficient amount of carbs your body will store the extra and on the other hand not enough carbs and you will not do workout in efficient way you will run on fumes in no time. If you will take too little protein then your body will withdraw to your lean muscle mass for energy which will bring about exhaustion, weakness, tiredness and muscle loss.


Keep one thing in mind that doesn’t make your pre work out meals bore. Change them daily because you have a plenty of options to choose. Search from internet many others options and nourish and energize your body before workout.

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