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5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Last Updated on November 9, 2017

After regular exercises in gym and daily activities, achieving weight loss can be infuriating and sometimes confusing. Maintaining fitness health lifestyle has been a major concern especially to people having excessive weights leading to different misinformation about weight loss.


There are different views about weight loss but one must take into consideration that the body system of each individual is different hence people should not be stereotyped to a particular practice. Reason why weight loss is not achieved is really shocking and well overlooked but you should be able to make fast choice in every situation of lifestyle you find yourself.
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1- Diet


People attempting weight loss must have the right balance of food combination i.e. good diet. Due to imbalance in right combination of food eaten, achieving weight loss might be a charade. 

Carbohydrate is the major culprit of weight gain especially when there is no form of exercise or body functions to utilize them. Excessive carbohydrate when not properly controlled causes accumulation of fats due to increase in blood sugar causing insulin insensitivity which leads to weight gain.

A lot of people have the false notion that fat is the major cause of weight gain which is not. In fact, saturated leads to positive health benefits boosting the immune system of the body. Protein which possesses the larger share of good diet stabilizes the blood sugar and prevents slowdown of metabolism making your body look more toned and agile.

2- Limited Sleep


This is one of the overlooked causes of weight gain. Enough sleep helps the body produce growth hormone which helps in losing fats and gaining of muscle. Individuals having limited sleep increase the cortisol level which causes accumulation of excessive fats in the body. It also causes imbalance in the Ghrelin and Leptin hormones

Ghrelin hormones are secreted when sleep is limited causing insatiable desire of food. This hereby gives provision for accumulated and excessive parts in the body. Leptin hormones are suppressed during less sleep failing to tell the body it has had enough.

3- Right Balance of Calories


One of the reasons why people find it difficult to lose weight is wrong balance of calories. Excess or limited calories ingested into the body system can be harmful. If your body needs a certain amount of calories and you eat less, the body adjusts to holding on to excess it has.

During this stage, rate of metabolism decreases falling to burn out amount of calories present in the body

Having excessive calories in the body also causes accumulation of fats thereby increasing body weight. It’s hereby advised that regular routine should be done to check amount of calories needed at a particular time in order to achieve weight loss.

4- Stress

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Accumulation of stress activates adrenal glands producing cortisol which is the hormone responsible for slowing down the rate of metabolism in the body resulting to accumulation of fats.

Although stress may result to loss of weights, effects of stress on weight loss should not be undermined. This slow rate of metabolism may result to less sleep which we know has the ability to affect weight loss.

5- Water Intake

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Constant water intake flushes out unwanted substances in the body eventually increasing the rate of digestion and metabolism in the body. The removal of all these unwanted substances helps weight loss in the body. So the little magic you need might just be regular intake of water.


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