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5 Muscle-Building Breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal considered of the day because it will not only improve your cognitive functioning but also you will feel fresher, in good mood and alert for the day. However, in muscle building, breakfast in the most vital component and if you will skip it from your routine you will never achieve your goal.

Breakfast actually means to break your fast which you have undergone for many hours during your night sleep. If you want to boost your metabolism, build your muscle size and increase the energy level then here I am going to share some magical muscle building breakfasts with you.

1- Protein French Toast With Delicious Sautéed Apple

There is a long list of the breakfast that will help you to make your muscles but this is on number one because everyone will just love it. It is delicious, healthy and easy to make. To make it you just need bread, egg whites, protein powder, milk, almonds and apples.

Mix the eggs, protein, milk, almonds in a large bowl. Now soak each piece of bread in this mixture. Now spray the pan with olive oil and roast the toasts each side for a minute or two. Pour some honey before eating and serve yourself with sautéed apples. This breakfast is really very delicious and will help you to build your muscles.

2- Wheat Cereal Breakfast

Sometimes you don’t have enough time to cook your breakfast while the clock is ticking down the minutes and a busy morning is waiting for you. But you need the substantial meals to build your muscles and boost your body. Then for the kick start a bowl of wheat cereals, milk, proteins, fresh fruits and almonds is the ideal breakfast for your busy day.

The whole grains contain minerals, vitamins and B-vitamins niacin, thiamine which contains high amount of mood regulating and energy boosting elements. It hardly takes few minutes to prepare it for your breakfast.

3- Ground Beef With Pasta

There is nothing like beef for muscle building and body building. It contains all essential full spectrum of B vitamins and amino, creatine, and much more. Pasta is crabs that are essential for energy. Add ¾ cup of broccoli because it helps with fat controls.

4- Anabolic Muscle Bowl

For all the people looking to build their muscle in short period of time this amazing and magical breakfast is for you all. When you will try this breakfast you will definitely see the change in yourself and you will be happy to come closer to your goal of building muscles.

For this you need six egg whites, bananas, raspberries, walnuts, honey, oatmeal,
Cook the egg whites on slow heat. Now dish out the cooked egg whites in a bowl or plate. Add all other ingredients and top it with honey. There is your delicious and very healthy breakfast.

5- Dark Chocolate Protein Waffles

If you want to feed your muscle in delicious way then the best way is to make dark chocolate protein waffles. These pancakes waffles are very yummy and full of nutrients. When your pancakes are done you can decorate it with fresh fruit such as raspberries, bananas or honey is also a great idea. This dish is pretty delicious and easy to make.

In a bowl mix protein powder, flour, cocoa powder, almonds, sugar or stevia. Add eggs in this dry ingredients and mix it well or you can blend it too. On waffle iron spray the olive oil or any oil you have at home and pour the mixture on it. After few minutes your waffles are done and perfectly ready to eat.

These are some easy to cook recipes that will surely help to build your muscles in very short time. Breakfast is the only time when your body needs the fuel for the day. For muscle building always keep this tip in mind that the more healthy breakfast you will take the more your muscles will build. So pay special attention to take healthy breakfast.

This breakfast above are quick to make and tastes real good and yummy. So to achieve your fitness goal customize the portions of ingredient according to your body demand.


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