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28 Days To Lean Meal Plan

When it comes to lose weight we see many people around us struggling to get in shape and do various things to achieve their goal. Many people starve whole day but according to latest research, say No to starve because this will badly affect your health.

There are so many exercises and meal plans that can really help you in your task. These meal plans are very healthy and perfect way to lose weight and get in shape in a month. Consume limited calories that can be easily burn out as this is the basic rule to lose weight.

Today I am going to tell you about a magical and most amazing 28 days to lean meal plan. If you will strictly stick with this plan I am sure you will reach your goal within a month.
No matter what your age is you can lose weight with this meal plan. It is ideal for all people including men and women and of all ages especially till 45.

This disciplined and well planned meal will surely make you happy in the end of the month when you will see yourself in the mirror. This plan will focus on eating healthy meals in a day but along with that you have to do some more tasks to lose the weight for long run.

Drinking a lot of water and doing different forms of exercise or running is compulsory for you in this program. The different exercises will boost your metabolism and will help you to lose weight in short time. One more important thing is that do not dodge yourself during the meal plan because it won’t work effectively if you will do so.

Here is the diet plan that you can plan according to your taste and budget. This includes 3 meals and 2 snacks in a day:


You can have two egg whites, a medium apple and a glass of fat free milk. This breakfast is not only healthy but contains all nutrients that a body requires.


For midday snack you can have 8oz of yogurt and half cup of any berries such as blue berries, strawberries or any other. Yogurt will help you to stay fresh and give you a glowing skin.


You can make fresh vegetable salad for the lunch, grilled chicken and a steamed potato.


For the evening snack you can have two sugar free biscuits with peanut butter.


For the dinner you can have 6oz steak with steamed vegetables and a small plate of boiled rice.

Hence during the meal plan you must take protein every day (2 g x your weight=quantity of protein you should take per day) because protein helps you to lose weight quickly.

Drink at least 10 to 12 glass of water. Before each meal drink a glass of water this will help you from overeating. Keep you daily crabs between 100 g to 15o g level. Rotate the daily meal between these two levels to get the perfect results. You can change the foods according to your taste but do not exceed the calories.

For next week you can plan vegetable diet throughout the day. One week fruits and vegetables will be perfect option. Protein shake is also very helpful in this plan.

You can take daily protein shake. During the diet plan you must stay hydrated and take a lot of water. Avoid the sugary foods and beverages. Frequent small meals in a day will help you to stay full all time and lose weight at the same time.

So never think that starving will help you in any case to achieve your goal. Eat healthy food during the diet plan and stay healthy for long life. You can also find many effective and trustworthy meal plans from the internet that will surely help you to achieve your goal in 28 days.


To reach the get lean goal you have to strictly follow the diet plan otherwise you will not get the required result. Along with this meal plan regular exercise is very essential. If you find it hard in the start you can have one cheat meal in a week.

Hence consult your physician or health care provider before starting the diet plan and take his or her advice. Now enjoy your journey of losing weight and having a great shape smart, sexy and gorgeous body.


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