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10 Healthiest Foods for Your Brain

It’s well known that diet plays an important role in our daily activities. These activities are majorly dependent on our brain health and skills. It’s well researched also that the physiological efficiency of the brain depends on wide range of nutrients which is key to brain health.

Good diet boosts focus and memory in all aspect and according to research, mental health problems may be prevented by improving diet of a child. Necessary food for the brain may also prevent diseases such as Alzheimer, Schizophrenia and Dementia.

The key nutrients needed for brain efficiency are Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins. Foods that contain these key nutrients include:

10. Green leaves


They contain carotenoids and flavonoids which are useful and friendly to the brain. Carotenoids and flavonoids protects the brain by serving as antioxidants making the brain look more refreshed and younger.

They can also compensate for insulin at older ages which prevents health risk such as Alzheimer.

9. Avocados


It’s one of the Omeg-3 fatty acid food which helps in moderating blood pressure in the body system. They have high level of Vitamin K which prevents blood clots in the brain. And its richness in Vitamin E also moderates skin glow.

Their moderation in blood flow in transport system in the body reduces pressure from the arteries to the brain reducing occurrence of stroke.

8. Fish


They also have high content of Omega-3 fatty acids. DHA which is found in Omega-3 fats in fish oil improves memory functions. It also protects the brain and efficient transport system in the body as well.

From research, it was discovered that people who took 900mg of DHA made few mistakes on memory test as someone 7 years old younger.Statistics has also shown that older aged individuals that take a lot of sea foods are 60% less likely to have Alzheimer.

7. Eggs


It has been studied thateggs are rich in Choline and Vitamin B which promote the mental development of fetus in pregnant woman and brain system communication.

It has also been researched that the cholesterol level in eggs has minimal effect in older ages, hence egg consumption should be encouraged.

6. Coffee


Moderate coffee intake can improve brain skills by serving as antioxidants thereby reducing toxics in the brain. It has been proven that moderate intake of like 3 times a day decrease likely occurrence of Alzheimer or Dementia than those who don’t take it.

5. Walnuts


They lower high cholesterol in the body preventing risk of heart attacks and blood pressure from arteries to the brain.They also contain nutrients like Vitamin E and folate which keeps the skin smooth.

4. Chocolate


it contains flavonoids which acts as antioxidants in the body serving as a protector by lowering the blood pressure in the transport system. It also reduces age related cognitive functions which is useful for preventing diseases like Alzheimer

3. Flaxseed


They have enough alpha-linolenic acid in Omega-3 fatty acids which reduces blood pressure from the arteries to the brain. They also offer assistance in prevention of ailment such as stroke and hypertension.

2. Berries


They possess antioxidants and nutrients such as Vitamin C and vitamin k which aids in the control of level of blood sugar in the body. Taking enough berries also increases brainpower by reducing the toxic proteins between the brain cells. Diseases such as Alzheimer can also be controlled especially in old age

1. Salmon


They are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids which keeps the brain refreshed. They are very low in mercury which is dangerous to health of the body system.

Mercury if found in the body system affects the stream flow may build up pressure between the arteries and brain cells, this prevent diseases such as cancer. Taking 4 ounces of Salmon per week is very helpful in brain memory boost.

Good nutrients to the body helps the brain in various aspect in terms of protection against toxins and various diseases. The Brain is the primary source of performance activities in terms of cognitive and physical decisions hence, brain can be said to be determinant of life.


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