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10 Foods To Fight Aging, And Let You Seem Much Younger

Amidst all the intense pressures and difficulties of life, people often tend to abandon or forget about healthy eating habits.

Thus leading to the premature appearance of unwanted wrinkles, along with signs of aging that always seem to arise a lot more quickly than expected. However, many kinds of food have proven to be a useful contributor to fight off these aging symptoms, they even go steps further and allow people to seem a lot more younger than their real age.

Next, is a report published by the American “Time” magazine, containing 10 types of nutrition, which greatly enhance any person’s natural ability to carefully treat skin and hair, without using any chemical or manufactured products, only relying on sheer natural alimentation, the effects can truly make a person seem to be 10 years younger.



#1 – Coffee


Coffee contains many substances that are greatly advantageous to the vitality of the body and the facial skin; therefore it provides the skin with the necessary and effective protection against”Melanoma” (the 5th most wide-spread skin cancer), having coffee regularly on a daily basis reduces the probability of getting infected with “Melanoma” by 20%.

#2 – Watermelon


Watermelon is abundant in Lycopene, one of the antioxidant compounds. It is the same substance that gives watermelons as well as tomatoes their red colour. It helps the skin get rid of damages that may occur due to exposure to Ultraviolet radiation.

Researchers also imply that watermelon contains natural chemicals that are protective from intense sunlight, they also add that watermelon has 40% more of these chemicals than tomatoes.

Therefore, it is useful to eat watermelon in order to amplify the effectiveness of sun cream products.

#3 – Pomegranates


Pomegranates are a fruit rich in antioxidant compounds. Especially Vitamin C, which is superbly effective against deep face wrinkles, dim lines and dehydration. Equivalent to free radicals that adversely affect the health of the skin and freshness ratio.

A reasearch by “Journal of Clinical Nutrition” has approved that Vitamin C has a great effectiveness against wrinkles. Moreover, this fruit contains anthocyanine, which produces Collagen in the skin and fights off inflammations that may occur due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

#4 – Blueberries


One of the strong elemental antioxidant compounds, rich in Vitamin C and E, both useful for making the skin glow, they operate under sunshine and they help fight off the negative effects of free radicals.

#5 – Lobsters


Lobsters are needless in zinc, which contains skin anti-inflammation substances, and damages that may follow, including acne, Not to mention that zinc help cells regenerate faster, which is way we find it present in most of medicals and prescriptions addressing acne.

#6 – Broccoli


Known for its efficiency in helping blood circle smoothly around the body, it also prevents blood leakage inside the capillaries of the eye area, which could result in the appearance of black cases. Broccoli is also rich in iron, the latter’s absence makes the skin pale and facilitates the emergence of blood vessels visual from atop the skin.

#7 – Eggs


It is know that Protein helps grow nails, and it’s shortage makes the nails grow weak. Eggs are also rich in Biotin, or Vitamin B, which is responsible for the metabolism of amino acids that make up the protein molecules.

#8 – Walnuts


Nuts are rich in Omega3, and vitamin E, they both work n revitalising the damaged cells, and are both essential to preserve the skin and keep it smooth and wrinkle-free.

#9 – Avocado


This fruit is rich in oleic acids and omega 9 fat acids, which helps the skin keep it’s necessary hydration for softness and radiance.

#10 – Cantaloupe


This fruit is rich in Beta Carotene or Vitamin A, which regulates the growth of hair scalp cells, it also organizes skin secret exudates in the outer skin layer.


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