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10 Best Foods For Skinny Guys To Build Mass

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Paying close and special attention to your diet is very important in achieving your goal of building mass. Many people around you say that they eat everything but do not achieve the goal. But the important thing is what you eat and what the proportion of that food is.

In muscle building goal you have to eat right and healthy. To grow the muscles some people just follow the formula eat, eat and only eat. But that not right because you have to eat “right”. Some people struggle their whole life to build the muscles but in the end they fail.

But let me tell all such skinny people that no need to be disheartened as you all are not alone. There are many other skinny people struggling to grow their muscles. Today I will help you in planning your diet chart and tell you the healthy foods that will be perfect for your success.


Here are the list of10 best foods for skinny guys to build mass


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#1 – Fish

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Eating Fish

Fish is not only good source of proteins and omega fatty acids but also helps you build mass. Add fish to your daily meal plan for good results. It also prevents muscle breakdowns and protects your heart.

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#2 – Lean beef

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Lean Beef

If you are looking to grow your muscle mass then add lean beef to your daily diet. It is loaded with all sort of essential nutrients that are important for muscle growth. It provides high quality proteins to your body and all knows how vital protein are for muscle building.

The high level of amino acid in it combines with insulin to promote muscle mass and growth. It sounds great for all the people looking to build mass.

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#3 – Cottage cheese

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Most of the people do not know that cottage cheese contains pure casein protein. It is a slow digesting protein which helps to grow your muscle mass. For skinny people it is the perfect food to have in a day if they are looking for fast way to grow muscles. It also contains other excellent nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B12.


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