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1 Simple Fat-burning & Cutting Diet

Sometimes exercises and slimming – medicines do not play effective role for fat burning from human body. One pond body – fat is made of 3, 500 calories. Its mean, for the elimination of 3,500 calories, there needs to lose one – pound fat from body.

Exercises are very useful to burn calories easily and sometimes the diet pills play and impressive role to cut fat from body. On the other hand, to do exercise or taking diet pills is not an easy job for everyone. That time, a fat – burning diet is very useful to take for a slim and healthy body.

In simple words, to lose 20 – pounds fat from the physique, there needs 70, 000 calories cut through dietary changes and plans. Though it seems impossible, but slow and steady ever wins the race. If we aim to cut 500 – 1000 calories per day for losing weight, then 1 – 2 pounds’ reduction in weight can be seen in one week and same it 4 – 8 pounds’ reduction in one month.

There need some steps to for fat burning and cutting Diet:

1. Step one

Only focus upon eating the fresh products, lean protein, whole grains, low fat dairy products, and a very small amounts of healthy fats regularly. Try to eat low – calorie foods which are rich in fiber, water, and protein to stay healthy and active for whole day.

Some foods are helpful to cut fat, such as Fish because of having omega 3 to be helpful for heart and mental health, eating nuts because of richness in magnesium, drinking milk because of rich in proteins and calcium, tart cherries, etc.

2. Step two

Try to drink only low calorie beverages such as water, tea etc. Ever try to avoid fruit juices, beer, soda, wine or other beverages which are rich in calories. Change in beverages taking will result in loosing fat through many calories reduction. Drink a glass of water before half an hour of meal, which is helpful to eat less because of stomach full – up.

Taking green tea ever reduces the weight because of having calorie free properties. Green tea not only work against body fat but also a useful ingredient against cancer disease. 3 – 4 cups of black coffee per day is also very useful to cut fat as low calorie diet.

Black tea should be taken with a small amount of fat free milk and sugar should not be added in it. Some vegetable juices are very useful for cutting fat, such as lemon juice, orange juice, etc.

3. Step three

Stop to eat junk foods from daily routine, these calorie – free foods not only increase the nutrient – dense from healthy meals but also cause to increase weight and fat in the body.

Researchers have proved that artificial sweeteners lead to increase the level of sugar in blood and for gaining weight as well. So, artificial sugar should be avoided to cut fat as a rich calorie diet.

Processed foods are full of calories and nutrition. Same it is, some microwave – meals and frozen meals are very high in sodium and fat as well to preserve the flavor. So, these type of foods should be avoided to take.

Deep fried foods are also a source of putting fat on physique. Even olive oil is a rich calorie item. There are 120 calories per tablespoon. So, only shallow friend foods are enough rather than deep fried foods.

Some foods are full of fat, such as potatoes. During the fat burning plan, potatoes should be avoided to eat for some days for good results.

4. Step four

If we make the habit of serving meals in smaller – plates and smaller – bowls, then calorie control program can work successfully. If we take smaller units of food to take, then automatically we can eat less amount of food. Eliminate one quarter of food portion from daily diet will eliminate the quarter calories elimination from our body.

5. Step five

Eating slowly is a great technique to sense our body that we are eating much for long time satisfactory. Don’t eat while using internet or watching TV because these distractions increase the signals of hunger that our body needs more food to eat.


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