You Need To Stop Doing These Things before Your Doctor’s Visit!

Last Updated on July 10, 2020

Whatever you do, you should never forget to check your medical status. These are regular checks that should be performed through a doctor’s visit and can mostly be done through a blood test or some other test. Therefore, it is important that you never take this matter lightly.

However, before you make your trip to the doctor’s office or to one of the many medical testing labs in your city, you need to make sure that you follow certain rules—that is to say, you should not do a number of things that could affect your test in a negative way.

Before you get a full medical check-up, for example, your body needs to be in a certain state. This applies to every other kind of doctor visit, however insignificant it might seem to you. Make sure that you read the whole article, in which you will find details as to what exactly you need to avoid before you visit a doctor. Read on to find the things you need to stop doing before a doctor’s visit!

1. No Mani/Pedi before a dermatologist’s Visit

When you are planning to go to a dermatologist for a medical check-up, you need to make sure that you do not have any manicure or pedicure done. To perform their work correctly, dermatologists need access to both your skin and nails and any obstruction of that is bad for the natural process of their work. Make sure, therefore, that you postpone all that until after the visit.

2. No alcohol before a cholesterol test

Generally speaking, your body could do well without any alcohol. This becomes most important if you are set to take a cholesterol test. If you do drink alcohol before your visit to the doctor to get a cholesterol blood test, for example, those levels will spike, which means that you will not get an accurate reading of your body cholesterol levels.

Therefore, if you want to see an accurate reading on your cholesterol test results, make sure that you do not consume any alcohol before you take the test.

3. No thirst before Urine Test

This means that you need to keep your body well hydrated before you get the urine test. According to evidence, 99% of urine is made of water and the rest is the actual matter that can be tested in a normal urine test.

If you want an effective pregnancy urine test, for example, you need to make sure that you drink a lot of water to raise the amount of urine that your bladder produces. Do this before your doctor’s visit, and you will have an accurate urine analysis.

4. No deodorant before a mammogram

If you are set to do a mammogram, make sure that you have no deodorant on. The reason behind this ban before a mammogram diagnosis is the fact that deodorants contain small metallic substances that the mammogram machine can confuse calcifications, which are considered by experts to be a sign of cancer. We urge you, therefore, to ditch the deodorant before any mammogram, so as not to be frightened for nothing.

5. No red food before colonoscopy

Before you think about the cost of a colonoscopy test, you need to think about what to eat and what not to eat before such a procedure. Doctors recommend that you do not eat any red foods before you visit a colonoscopy doctor.

Red foods lead to your colon taking on a red color, which is not good for the procedure. Before your appointment, therefore, try to eat only clear foods as well as food that are liquid in nature—soup and juices, for example.

6. No salty meals before blood pressure test

If you are planning to take a blood test for high blood pressure, for example, or even a regular test, you need to make sure that you do not eat any salty food. Sodium has been proven, according to the scientific literature, to raise blood pressure.

Therefore, so as not to raise your blood pressure (ultimately, so as not to get a blood pressure headache), make sure that you stay as much as you can away from salt. Train yourself to eat your meals without it!

7. No medicine before blood test

Say, for example, that you have an appointment to do a blood test for cancer (God forbid!) or pregnancy blood test: what you need to keep in mind is the fact that you should never take any medications before such tests.

It is better to take them until after you have given the blood sample to your doctor. If you fail to observe this rule, your blood test result will not be as accurate as you or your doctor would want it to be.

8. No Everyday Schedule Changes

If you are adjusted to a certain sleep schedule, you need to make sure that you do not change it before you go for that doctor’s visit. It turns out that our bodies, in terms of nutrition, water consumption, and stress levels, get affected negatively when we abruptly change our schedules.

This means that any tests you perform at the doctor’s office could come out erroneous. We urge you, then, to change your schedule only after you have visited the doctor.

9. No Internet-surfing before an ophthalmologist’s visit

Before a visit to the ophthalmologist, you need to make sure that you do not put any strain on your eyes. This means that you need to keep your web surfing to the bare minimum, allowing your eyes to rest and be ready for a medical check-in that will yield accurate results.

Using the phone for several hours at a time is bound to show up in the final assessment of your ophthalmologist. Make sure, therefore, that you give your eyes rest!

As you have seen, this has been a list of the things that you should avoid doing every time you are thinking of visiting a doctor. Adhering to these pieces of advice will make your visit smoother and will make the work of the doctor easier.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever committed one of the mistakes mentioned here!


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