You Have To Avoid These Toxic Cookwares At All Costs

Thankfully, more people are now aware of the importance of eating healthy and avoiding anything that could damage their bodies.

But we forgot that the cookware is as important as the food you put in it, even if you picked the healthiest ingredients, you may still go through a few health complications that you were never expecting.

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After all these years, we have been cooking all of our meals in toxic cookware and we were not even aware of it, but it is time to spread awareness to guarantee to have a true, healthy lifestyle. After all, we don’t want to eat lettuce every day if our kitchen tools would still harm us, right?

You Have To Avoid These Toxic Cookwares At All Costs1© LockerDome


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#1 – Teflon cookware

Teflon cookware© YouTube

Teflon is many people’s first choice because it is very convenient, but unfortunately, it is the most dangerous one. The non-stick material of this cookware is achieved with a PTFE coating (polytetrafluoroethylene), and it is a plastic polymer that leaks toxins if the heat is over 572°F.

These fumes can lead to polymer fume fever, which is a flu-like symptom that’s known as the Teflon flu. However, it is not that dangerous on humans, but it is fatal on pet birds.

Moreover, the Teflon cookware has another chemical compound called PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), which is associated with many types of cancer as prostate, ovarian, and breast cancer.

It is believed that this chemical is present on this cookware in small amounts, but it still exists in many other things that we use daily. So it is best to limit our exposure to it as much as possible!

The better alternative: Iron cookware (real cast). It is very safe and remains that way for a long time. It can be heated and even seasoned to become non-stick. Nothing toxic will be released to your food and it is considered as a natural way to boost your iron levels.

In case your iron levels are good, then you can use the enameled cast iron cookware because it is as convenient and safe as it should be.

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#2 – Aluminum fuel and Aluminum cook

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Aluminum fuel and Aluminum cook© WebstaurantStore

The popularity of aluminum is not a secret since everyone uses them almost every day for many reasons like its strength, light-weight, and the fact that it is recyclable. Unfortunately, it does have many dangers, too.

It turned out this material is a neurotoxic metal. It has been associated with many central nervous system illnesses like ALS and Alzheimer’s. However, the aluminum cookware is mostly coated, and that coat is most likely to chip, therefore, it will release a toxic metal in the food.

The better alternative: Glass cookware. It doesn’t leak anything toxic after being heated, environment-friendly, durable, and doesn’t keep any old smell or flavor. The one negative side is that it’s not non-stick, but it is better than harming our bodies constantly.

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#3 – Copper cookware

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Copper cookware© Falk Copper Cookware

The copper cookware is way too pretty to not be purchased or used, right? But beautiful things are not always harmless. Copper is important for our health, but only if consumed in small quantities. However, letting a big amount of it exceed to our bodies may lead to heavy metal poisoning.

So if it is not coated, expect a lot of that material to be in your food, especially the acidic foods. But if it is coated, then it mostly has Nickel, and that’s a different toxic element that we don’t want near our food, either.

The better alternative: Steel cookware (Stainless). It is not heavy and not prone to scratches. Plus, it can be non-stick after seasoning it. Buy a food-grade stainless steel, and you will probably have it forever.

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#4 – Ceramic-coated cookware

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Ceramic-coated cookware© Amazon

At first, the ceramic-coated cookware looks like a really safe option, but then we realize that its coat hides a lot of bad materials. The soft ceramic coating starts chipping only after a few months of daily use, and that’s when Cadmium and Lead may end up in your food.

Lead poisoning is one of metal’s most dangerous poisons that could lead to abdominal pain, infertility, headaches, and many other health problems. In some cases, it could lead to more severe cases, like coma or death!

The better alternative: 100% ceramic cookware. It is one of the safest and best options because it is made out natural materials. It is not toxic and will not peel off or even chip. Plus, it is non-stick. The one negative side is its cost; it can be very expensive, but it is guaranteed to last for a very long time.

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