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What Happens When You Stop Taking Steroids?

1. Definition of Steroids


Steroids (cortisone or corticosteroids) are the hormones (chemicals), which occur in the human body naturally. To treat different diseases, such as: the inflammation, suppressing the immune system of the body, etc.

the steroids are very useful. Steroids medicines are made by medical specialists but have the capabilities of natural hormones. Oral steroids are available in the markets in different forms, such as in tablets, soluble tablets, or in the liquids.

Taking of steroids for short time – period have no side effects on human body. For example, one – two week steroids taking course for Asthma attacks does not show negative effects.

If someone is taking steroids for more than one month than side effects can be occurred or taking the high dose can also result in severe side effects for short time period.

2. Effects of stopping Steroids taking


All the health experts suggest to not stop taking steroids suddenly, if it has been taking for more than three to four weeks. If you forget to take a steroid dose then there are no adverse side effects, but there are severe adverse effects in response of sudden stop of taking it.

Even the change in doses can also bring negative changes in the body, if the doctor has not prescribed.Stopping to rake steroids at sudden can be life threatening, so the dose of steroid should be stopped gradually. Human body makes the steroid chemicals naturally that are very important to live healthy.

When human body starts to take oral steroids for a few weeks then its natural system stops or slower downs to make natural steroid chemicals. If there is sudden stop in taking the steroids, then the body does not have any amount of natural steroids.

This can result in so many withdrawal symptoms in the human body, until the body resumes for making the new steroids for the next few weeks. Withdrawal of steroids show these serious symptoms, which are as below:

  1. Weakness and fatigue
  2. Tiredness
  3. Feeling sick and nausea
  4. Being sick, such as vomiting
  5. Abdominal pain
  6. Diarrhea
  7. Low blood sugar
  8. Low blood pressure
  9. Dizziness
  10. Fainting
  11. Hypoglycemia
  12. Loss of appetite
  13. Nervous system problems
  14. Muscle pains
  15. An increase in the calcium level in the body

Usually, the steroids are used to gain the mass of muscles in start. After that, the body starts to absorb efficient water because of water retention properties in the body and increase in the size of cells.

So, when a person stops to take steroids at sudden, then a sudden decrease in the body mass can be seen clearly. Not only the body mass decreases, but the performance of the body also slower downs suddenly.

This weight loss is the result of a release of retained water in the human body by showing the side effects of stopping steroids taking.Physical and psychological effects can be seen clearly as an adverse effects of steroid stop. The quality of life automatically disturbs as a whole in daily life.


When a person stops to take steroids at sudden then his daily life performance effects very negatively. There need some steps to be taken for maintaining the life style and health, such as

  1. Taking the healthy diet
  2. Staying patient to deal with the adverse effects
  3. Develop a recovery plan with the help of health experts
  4. Only top quality steroids should be used if the doctor recommends for any disease to recover
  5. Before taking any type of steroids, there should be proper research and read the reviews of the product and the company as well. Otherwise the damage of heart and liver cannot be recovered by taking any wrong decision

Mostly, health experts suggest that steroids should not be used for more than two – three weeks, otherwise the results are ever adverse at the end.

Young generation should only go for natural products and food intakes, because their body has the ability to fight with the diseases and other hurdles of life. The elder people should only use steroids if the doctor prescribe them, otherwise the cost recovery is also very expensive.


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