Top 8 Effective Ways to Protect the Skin and Prevent Sunburns

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

As you go out more often into the scorching sun of the summer, you need to know how you could protect the skin from the sun—how to prevent suffering from a sunburn, that is.

However, sunburns are bound to happen to the best of us, and the only way we can escape them, or at least try to, is by learning the ways in which we can to protect the skin from the sun in the summer.

The beach is the more likely place we get sunburns. Therefore, you’ll need to be armed with specific knowledge on how to protect your skin from the beach sun.

After reading the 9 tips below, you’ll be more cautious about how you behave under the beach sun, allowing you to prevent the painful, crimson look (It’s awful, we know!) of burnt skin.

Top 8 Effective Ways to Protect the Skin and Prevent Sunburns© BronzeBooty


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#1 – Apply Sunscreen Every 2 Hours (SPF 15-50)

Apply Sunscreen Every 2 Hours (SPF 15-50)© Roxspabeverlyhills

When it comes to choosing the right sunscreen, you have to consider SPF, short for Sun Protection Factor.

This is a standard that is used to measure how effectively a sunscreen will protect your skin—the higher the number on the bottle, the better. Keep this in mind when you go shopping for sunscreen; always reach for the kind that has an SPF number of 15, 30 or 50.

Also, applying a protective layer of sunscreen to your skin 30 min before being exposed to the sun will make it work more effectively. More importantly, re-apply another coat every 2 hours, because it tends to wear off, and increase the frequency if you are in an out of the water more often.

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#2 – Don’t Wear Any Kind of Loose Clothing

2. Don’t Wear Any Kind of Loose Clothing© Pexels

The extremely hot and dry weather of the summer, calls for different choices of clothing. We tend to wear more loose-fitting clothes because they provide our skin with more breathing room an allow air to flow in and cool our skin.


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