Top 5 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks!


Last Updated on January 10, 2021

Stretch marks are also called striae, and they tend to happen when your skin suddenly changes shape due to weight gain (any kind of it). Having stretch marks doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with your health, and if you ever wondered who gets stretch marks, it is something both men and women can get.

For women, the two times in their life that they are more likely to get stretch marks is during puberty, or when and if they get pregnant – however, there are other causes of stretch marks.

When they first appear on your skin, stretch marks will look like a thin purple or red line, with a texture that differs from the skin layer that surrounds it. With time, stretch marks will begin to fade and they will acquire a lighter, almost translucent color, becoming kind of shiny.

There are no effective natural remedies for stretch marks– the only way to get rid of them is by doing stretch mark removal surgery. But even though striae are a type of scars that won’t simply go away, there are some natural remedies for stretch marks that can help them fade more quickly, therefore, minimizing their appearance.

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also referred to as a retinoid, and retinoids have the ability to make your skin look smoother and younger – and that is why they are a key ingredient in various topical solutions and cosmetic products.

If you want to improve your skin health, as well as its overall appearance, you can apply a topical extract of this vitamin, or choose to ingest it instead. There are also some foods you can start adding to your diet that will also provide you with this vitamin, such as sweet potatoes or carrots. By increasing your Vitamin A levels, you have a better chance of decreasing the appearance of your stretch marks.

2. Sugar

Of course, the best stretch marks’ treatment you can get is at a clinic, performed by a dermatologist. But even though professional microdermabrasion is still the best remedy for stretch marks, some people say that a naturopathic approach can also be of great help, so we bring you a homemade remedy that is worth giving a try.

Prepare a mix with one cup of sugar, ¼ cup of a softening substance, like coconut oil or almond oil, and mix it until you reach a consistency that feels like wet beach sand. Add a little bit of lemon juice, and then proceed to scrub this mix on the parts of your body where you have stretch marks.

You can repeat this process several times a week, and you should do it while you shower, letting the mix sit on your body for about 10 minutes every time. Because this scrub acts as an exfoliant, do not forget to apply a skin moisturizer afterward.

3. Aloe vera

There is little clinical evidence or scientific proof that Aloe Vera actually has an effect on the stretch mark removal panorama, but pure Aloe Vera has natural healing effects and works as one of the best moisturizers you can apply to your skin.

You can apply it daily after you hop off the shower, and even if it doesn’t help out with your stretch marks, moisturizing your skin will help with a myriad of other problems, so you really have nothing to lose.

4. Hyaluronic acid

Collagen is the protein present in the skin that helps keep its appearance healthy and that helps maintain its shape. As we age, the collagen levels on our face and body will decrease, but the good news is that this protein can be stimulated through hyaluronic acid.

You can consume it in the shape of a capsule or as an extract, and the body will absorb it, thus stimulating the production of collagen.

5. Essential oils

Stretch marks are nothing more than the scarring resulting from skin damage, and even though there is no easy formula on how to remove stretch marks, there are some things that can help improve their appearance quickly.

One of the natural ways you can do that is by using essential oils. Through their healing and moisturizing properties, oils like castor oil, apricot oil or even the very useful and versatile coconut oil can help your skin to heal.

If you apply a generous amount of virgin coconut oil to the spots on your body where you are being affected by stretch marks, it can help improve their appearance and it might even take away some of the redness.

Just be careful enough and make sure that you are not sensitive to any of these oils, as you won’t want to trigger an allergic reaction.


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