This is Why You Need to Cut Trans Fat from Your Diet

This is Why You Need to Cut Trans Fat from Your Diet

Trans fats are slowly being banned in the US, as many people have started recognizing their destructive health effects, which include a higher risk of coronary heart disease, irritability, memory loss, obesity, depression and more.

These are enough reasons to exclude these dangerous fats from your diet immediately! Although the FDA already plans on having artificial trans fats eliminated from processed foods in the future, you don’t have to wait for the future (because you might not make it until then) and should rather be proactive and start removing them from your diet right now.

You can actually replace trans fats with the healthy ones which can be found in coconut oil, nuts, and avocados.

This is Why You Need to Cut Trans Fat from Your Diet©

Browse through the slides to read more about the 10 scary reasons why you absolutely need to stop consuming trans fat immediately

1. Trans Fat Increase Bad Cholesterol and Decrease Good Cholesterol

Trans Fat Increase Bad Cholesterol and Decrease Good Cholesterol© Pinterest

According to a study in the Annual Review of Nutrition, trans fatty acids increased the plasma level of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is harmful because it promotes plaque buildup in the artery walls.

This leads the arteries to become less flexible, and thus, prone to clogging. The white blood cells react to this by trying to eliminate LDL, and so the chronic low-grade inflammation in the artery wall begins.

Over time, the plaque buildup will slowly continue to block the artery, and once it becomes completely blocked, a heart attack occurs.

2. Trans Fars may Damage Memory

Trans Fars may Damage Memory© / / Medical News Today

According to a study, youngsters who consumed more trans fats had more difficulty to recall the words given to them. In fact, trans fats can have a damaging effect on brain cells. In fact, the area of the brain which is involved in memory is particularly sensitive to cell death because it won’t be able to get enough cell energy for proper function.

In the same study, participants who consumed the biggest amount of trans fat in their diet could recall 10 percent fewer words than those who ate the littlest amount.

3. Trans Fats Can Cause Atherosclerosis

Trans Fats Can Cause Atherosclerosis© YouTube

During an experiment on lab mice, researchers discovered that these rodents had an increased integration of cholesterol into tissue plasma membranes. This result indicated that trans fats can cause atherosclerosis.

Besides atherosclerosis, there is another research which has shown that trans fats consumption can also cause other serious health problems, including diabetes, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease.

4. Trans Fats Can Make You Insulin-sensitive and Obese

Trans Fats Can Make You Insulin-sensitive and Obese© Alamy

In a study on animals, male African green monkeys were fed diets that are rich in trans fatty acid, and the result was that they gained plenty of weight and had a higher intra-abdominal fat deposition. In fact, an elevated amount of fat in the abdominal area can damage internal organs.

The monkeys in the experiment also suffered from after meal hyperinsulinemia, an extreme amount of insulin in their blood stream. The researchers concluded that the hyperinsulinemia in monkeys indicated an impaired glucose disposal.

5. Trans Fats Increase Risk of Coronary
Heart Disease

Trans Fats Increase Risk of Coronary Heart Disease© wiseGEEK

According to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and shared by several health pages, the number of observational studies on the health effects of trans fatty acids was enough proof to associate trans fat consumption with increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The WHO (World Health Organization) suggests that the trans fatty acids intake should always be very low or less than 1% of the total energy intake. Respecting this amount is actually vital to lowering your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

6. Trans Fats Can Increase Sensitivity
to Skin Diseases

Trans Fats Can Increase Sensitivity to Skin Diseases© Glamour Lifestyles

According to a study, the damaging effects of trans fatty acids can also increase the sensitivity to skin disease in mice. These mice were fed hydrogenated vegetable oil (loaded with trans fat), soybean oil, or fish oil, and were exposed to ultraviolet radiation for 2 days.

The result was that the trans fat mice had decreased skin cell activity after UV exposure, while the fish oil mice had kept normal skin cell activity. The conclusion was that a trans fat diet can probably lead to an increased vulnerability to skin disease, while an Omega 3 diet may prevent it.

7. Trans Fats Can Make You Depressed

Trans Fats Can Make You Depressed© WEBDAKTAR

Anyone of any age might be at risk of depression when it comes to trans fats. A study discovered a strong link between the consumption of trans fatty acids and the risk of developing depression. In the experiment, students who ate a diet that’s rich in trans fat had a 48% increased risk of developing depression.

It was also shown that cardiovascular disease and depression may share the same mechanisms leading to common biological changes. Moreover, there might be a greater risk of depression in certain parts of the world where people consume high amounts of trans fat, such as in the United States.

8. Trans Fat Can Cause Irritability

Trans Fat Can Cause Irritability© Thought Catalog

According to a study including 1,000 women and men, there is a strong link between trans fat consumption and feelings of aggression. Researchers assumed that trans fatty acid intake was a more relevant factor of aggression than other common risk factors, like smoking, education, male sex, and age.

Researchers have also looked at the participants’ self-rated irritability levels, conflict resolution skills and aggression history, to conclude that our society needs to seriously recognize the huge impact of trans fats on the public health and that people should start excluding trans fats from their diets as well as institutions (schools and prisons).

9. Trans Fats Can Affect Emotion Regulation

Trans Fats Can Affect Emotion Regulation© Alamy

Besides making you depressed, irritable, and aggressive, eating trans fats can also decrease your emotional awareness and negatively affect your emotional regulation.

According to a study published in the Journal of Health Psychology, the more trans fat the participants consumed, the worse their emotional awareness gets, in addition to having more difficulties with regulation strategies and clarity. On the other hand, participants with a lower tans fat intake experienced less negative effects and more positive ones.

10. Trans Fats are linked to Systemic
Inflammation in Women

Trans Fats are linked to Systemic Inflammation in Women© Yahoo

According to a report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the systemic inflammation is associated with trans fat consumption in women. Even worse, this inflammation is linked to several severe health problems, such as diabetes and coronary disease. However, heart disease remains the biggest killer of women in the US and is actually more fatal than all types of cancer, as reported by the American Heart Association.

In reality, there is nothing easier than replacing harmful food with healthy goodies, as there are countless options varying from fruits and veggies to nuts and healthy oils. To avoid severe health disorders and deadly diseases, you should start removing trans fats from your diet right now!


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