This is Why You Are Always Tired and How to Fix it

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Last Updated on December 26, 2020

There are days when a person is so exhausted that he or she has no desire to get out of bed, especially in the coldest months of the year when it is very cold outside – and we can all understand these causes of tiredness. However, it is not very normal or healthy for you to always have this constant feeling of fatigue.

Next, we’ll let you know the 7 main reasons that explain why you are always tired and how to fix each one of them. It is extremely important that you internalize and correct them as soon as possible in order to regain your vitality and joy in living. 
Find out what they are next:

7. You Do Not Follow a Good Diet

Everything you eat has a brutal impact on they way you are and the way you behave towards other people. So, if you have a refined carbohydrate diet, including cereals, pasta, and pizza, it is natural that, in the beginning, you feel more energized than ever because your sugar levels in the blood will increase. However, as you add more sugary foods to your diet, you will get low blood sugar because the body will not be able to process them at all. And everyone knows that low blood sugar levels cause tiredness and an immense feeling of fatigue throughout the day. For this not to happen, and for you not to suffer from numerous health problems, you need to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. Thus, eat foods rich in fiber, such as oats, flaxseeds, carrots, broccoli, and plums, among other fruits.

6. An Unknown Food Sensitivity

Are you one of those people who are always tired, nauseous, or in the mood to throw up all the time? This is a clear sign that you may be eating something bad that is causing you that reaction. There are people who are intolerant of lactose or any type of product with gluten, among other types of eating disorders. You should talk to your family doctor and do the required tests to know if you have any type of food intolerance. If so, you should eat only the good foods for you (vegan, gluten-free, or lactose-free products) and make no exceptions. Otherwise, you will be very ill.

5. Lack of Vitamins in the Body

Your body works perfectly when it is properly balanced and full of essential vitamins that promote the proper functioning of all organs. However, if you have some type of vitamin deficiency, namely vitamin D and B12, it is natural that you feel more tired and with defenses down. So for this not to happen to you, it is essential that you eat foods rich in iron, such as spinach, broccoli, and turkey meat. Also, at a multivitamin level, you should eat foods rich in vitamin D and B12, such as salmon, milk, eggs, among other types of fatty fish. All of them are extremely important for you to be full of strength and ultimate functioning.

4. Poor Nutrition + Lack of Physical Exercise = Explosive Cocktail

By combining a poor diet with a lack of physical exercise, you will be creating an explosive cocktail against yourself and, above all, against your good health and well-being. If you think that the best way to rest and fight physical tiredness is to get home and lie on the couch eating ice cream or a bag of chips, you are very wrong. In fact, this is the worst you can do to your body and mind, and that is why many people suffer from diabetes fatigue. Although our mind considers resting on the couch as an excellent option, you must counter this inner tendency, leave the house, and do some physical exercises to feel more energized. You can start by taking a short 30-minute walk daily and adding some aerobics exercises so that your energy levels rise exponentially.

3. Not Having a Great Night’s Rest

For a person to be at his/her best the next day, it is essential that they have a great night’s sleep. Otherwise, you risk getting up more tired than when you layed down. And this is quite easy to happen to those who suffer from sleep apnea, sleepwalking, or have other sleep problems that prevent them from having a great night’s rest. To avoid this, you should minimize caffeine intake, especially before going to sleep, otherwise, you may be very agitated and “awake” in bed. Besides, you should also limit the time you spend in front of your mobile devices’ screen, as they emit blue light that affects the circadian rhythm of the brain and, of course, the quality of your sleep.

2. You Do Not Drink the Necessary Amount of Water per Day

There is no exact amount of water you should drink each day, as this varies from person to person according to gender, age, weight, height, medication intake, level of physical activities, and other factors. However, the international medical community says that it is necessary for you to drink about 1 to 3 liters of water per day so all the organs of the body can function perfectly. Otherwise, you risk having a low sugar level in your body, which will make you feel too distracted, tired, and dehydrated.

1. Stress, Stress, and Stress!

Everyone already knows that stress is the number one enemy of modern times because, today, we live everything at a frantic pace where there is no time to stop. People are constantly worried because they have to drop their children at school on time, meet tight deadlines for work, pay bills, and many other stressful activities. Thus, it is natural for people to be more anxious or to develop some type of psychological illness, such as depression. How to stop being tired? It is necessary that you take care of the health and well-being of your mind and engage in relaxing activities, such as meditation or yoga. This type of activity and even the practice of physical exercise will make you forget the difficulties and problems of everyday life and help you easily recover your strengths and energies. Only by treating the causes of your fatigue will you be able to regain your vitality, enthusiasm, and joy of living. It should also be noted that this is the best way for you to be as well prepared as possible to face all the challenges that may appear on a daily basis. Your confidence will increase exponentially and you will be both a role model and a source of pride for everyone around you.


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