This Is What You Should Never Touch To Avoid Getting The Flu

The flu season is upon us and we are ready to fight back.

There are many ways you can avoid getting the flu, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each individual (older than 6 months) has to get a flu vaccine shot, even in February or later.

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However, there are many people who prefer to stand against it with no vaccines, which is completely okay, as long as they are being extra careful about everything they are touching.

During this season, there are many places that can be the perfect home for germs to breed, and touching these surfaces may lead you to get the influenza virus. So in order to avoid it, this is what you should never touch.

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#1 – Airplanes seat pockets and food trays

Airplanes seat pockets and food trays© Devils Lake Journal

If you are a traveler or you have a destination to get to this winter, avoid putting your hands inside the nasty pockets of the seat of the plane because, bad news, these pockets don’t get cleaned very often.

The food trays also are a perfect place for germs because it is where people put their foods and baby diapers. Just make sure to sanitize it first with special wipes.

#2 – Bus ticket machine and subway turnstiles

Bus ticket machine and subway turnstiles©

During the flu season, most people become more careful about touching anything exposed to the public in subways and buses. According to Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, these machines and turnstiles are getting disinfected routinely, and that’s why you have to pay attention to them.

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#3 – Water coolers and office coffee stations

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Water coolers and office coffee stations© SkillCentred

When smart people get sick, they keep their distance from other colleagues, but at the same time, they have to use the same water cooler and coffee machine the others use. Germs can easily be transported to those places and through the office, so make sure to wash your hands constantly and do not touch other people’s keyboards.

#4 – Liquid soaps in the washrooms

Liquid soaps in the washrooms© eBay

After you open up the washrooms’ door with your sleeve, you may still get some germs from one unexpected place: the soap dispensers. There is a possibility that the liquid soap could be contaminated with germs, as well. To reduce your chances of getting the flu, it is best to wash your hands from dispensers with sealed refills.

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#5 – Aisle seats in trains, bus, planes, and theatres

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Aisle seats in trains, bus, planes, and theatres©

When traveling in public transportation or while visiting the theatres this holiday season, you have to think twice about the aisle seat to pick. They could be the seats that were touched the most by others when they were looking for their seats.

So it is whether to pick the place that people don’t touch the most or just keep your hands to yourself from most of the time to decrease the risk.

#6 – Paper and salt shakers

Paper and salt shakers© Wikipedia

Basically, it is pointless to wash your hands and avoid touching doorknobs if you ended up using condiment holders that never get washed. According to research conducted by the University of Virginia, the salt and paper shakers were tested positive for rhinovirus, which is the most common virus that causes the flu.

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#7 – Exercise equipment at the gym

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Exercise equipment at the gym© The Telegraph

If there is one thing bacteria love the most, then it is the wet and moist places where it breeds excessively, especially if it was sweat. We are not suggesting to never touch the gym equipment because that’s impossible, but just keep a hand sanitizer close by to keep those germs at bay.

After all, we just want to spend a delightful and cozy winter without being hurt or harming our loved ones.

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