This is How Your Face Changes When You Drink Water For 30 Days

Last Updated on September 27, 2020

You have probably heard that drinking 8 glasses of water on a daily basis can end all your issues and give you a bright, radiant, and glowing skin but unfortunately, you never stick to it as you find it hard to resist the temptations, say, coffee, soda, and other unhealthy beverages.

We can fully understand how hard it is for you to give up your favorite and delicious unhealthy drinks and replace them with water, that’s why we have decided to help you find the motivation to drink wisely!

Here is a 42-year-old woman named Sarah Smith who wasn’t drinking enough water but decided to take the challenge and drink water for 30 days.

You won’t believe how amazing results she had in only 28 days! Click on Next to find out more!


#1 – Why did Sara decide to take the challenge?


Why did Sara decide to take the challenge©

In her article for Daily Mail, Sara Smith, who is a mother of two, reported that she used to suffer from constant and terrible headaches and that in addition to other health issues related to her digestive system.

After suffering for quite a long times with these uncomfortable and painful health issues, Sara finally decided to take a trip to a neurologist and nutritionist who in return advised her to drink more water during the day!

Instead of drinking two glasses of water a day, say one with lunch and one with dinner, she decided to increase her water intake and see what’s going to happen!

So, what really happens to your body and skin when you drink more water? These are Sara’s results week-by-week!



#2 – The challenge


Week Number 2©

Week Number 1: This week wasn’t really easy for Sara. It was a bit challenging and quite hard! And that’s very normal because she had to give up her old habits and replace them with new healthy ones.

Sara started drinking 3 liters of water a day and as she is doing so, she experienced some breakouts due to the elimination of toxins. But surprisingly, Sara noticed that her horrible headaches have completely disappeared and her stiff, painful joints loosened up! And that’s definitely not everything!

Week Number 2: Sara reported that she was literally speechless and she couldn’t really believe that the quality of her skin is improving and all her face is changing.

The skin tone started evening out, the dark circles started to disappear, the wrinkles became less visible, and the blotches on her skin just vanished! In addition to this, her breath becomes fresher and that’s due to consuming less of tea and more of water!

The week after this one was even more remarkable and even Sarah couldn’t believe that she can finally give up on all the expensive cosmetic products she used to buy!




Week Number 3©

Week Number 3: At this particular stage of the challenge, Sara’s efforts started to pay off and mind-blowing changes started to occur. The dark circles, the wrinkles, and all the other skin issues Sara had have disappeared. Her skin became tighter, firmer, healthier, and more surprisingly started to look younger.

Sara couldn’t believe her eyes and she took a trip to her beauty therapists, who in return was amazingly impressed! She even said that Sara’s cells are regenerating, which is really good!




Week Number 4©

Week Number 4: This is the last week of the challenge and you can’t imagine how excited Sara was to see the final results of her efforts. She reported saying that she feels healthier, leaner, and fitter. She also reported that her husband, family, and friends were all in shock and they have all agreed on the fact that she looks 10 years younger than her real age.

So, are you fully prepared and ready to take this challenge? If, yes, then start with only a few glasses a day and don’t force your self to consume 3 litters. Step-by-step you will able to do like Sara and say bye-bye to all your skin issues!

Also, don’t forget to give up your old bad habits and bring healthy changes! Hit the gym, exercise more, and eat healthily! Be ready to stay young and healthy forever after!



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