The Benefits of Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is the simplest way to improve health. If you are feeling anger, stress or anxiety, pay attention to deep breathing which will play a vital role in fitness of all. Physical health problems including insomnia

high blood pressure, indigestion, cardiovascular diseases are due to physical reactions. Deep breathing helps in reclaiming physical and mental health. It helps the body in combating stress.

Deep breathing is crucial for health and fitness in following ways


Your muscles will relax and physical tension will be easily eliminated after practicing deep breathing regularly.


Every cell of the body gets oxygenated. The functionality of every body organ is enhanced that blood circulates in body delivering more oxygen throughout the body.


Deep breathing lower the blood pressure. As the blood vessels dilate and blood circulations becomes easier, lowering the blood pressure.


Endorphins are released which bring well-being and pain-relief as a result of deep breathing.


As a result of deep breathing, harmful toxins are released in the body, thus the body gets clear of these toxic things due to detoxification action of lymphatic system.Deep breathing is an easy exercise, and you can easily do it regularly.

Follow these steps for a proper deep breath practiceFirstly lay down in a quiet place and feel free from any distraction for 5-10 minutes. Relax your muscles and inhale deeply. Count slowly to 5 while inhaling and bring air to chest.

Exhale deeply to empty your lungs completely again counting to 5. Continue inhaling and exhaling for several minutes and feel relaxed


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