How to Protect Your Health when Sitting at Work

How to Protect Your Health when Sitting at Work

Muscles and joints pain, as well as rapid fatigue, are mainly caused by the wrong posture people make in front of the computer, and partly by failing to maintain a healthy balance between rest and work.

Any job which involves a chair and a computer can only mean too much sitting which often ends up in too much pain, either in your legs, back, neck, shoulders, hands, eyes, or even a complete fatigue.

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Here are the best ways to improve your posture and avoid health problems while sitting at work

1. Back Pain

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Ideally, the length of your hip should match the depth of the chair. Also, the back of your chair should be comfortable and have a curve.

If your chair is too large, you should consider placing a small pillow under your waist so it can absorb some of the pressure. Otherwise, you’ll easily slide down, which will lead to tension and terrible back pain.

Avoid quickly changing your position if you don’t feel comfortable. You should allow your familiarize with the proper posture.

Some muscles will relax and the position will become comfortable, but this won’t occur right away.

2. Leg Pain

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To avoid leg pain, you should never cross feet and legs. It squeezes veins, restricts proper blood circulation, and causes numbness and restless legs syndrome.

You need to regulate the chair in order to make it suitable for your body. Make sure that your feet don’t hang over the ground and that the edge of your seat isn’t pressing under your knees.

You should either put your feet comfortably on the floor or on a small stand on which your legs will bend at a little bit more than 90°.

3. Tired Hands

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Your hands are in a ceaseless tension while you work at the computer. The wrong position, as well as the pressure, can lead to a numb and nagging pain and sometimes a feeling of numb hands in the morning.

The healthy position for your shoulders and forearms is when your elbow is placed at the same level as the mouse and keyboard.

You should also keep your wrists straight and your hands comfortably lying on the table.

4. Neck Pain

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To prevent neck and head pain, you need to correctly position your monitor because when it’s too low, you have to either slide down the chair or bend your back.

This puts more pressure on the front edges of your intervertebral discs (the shock absorbers found between every one of the vertebrae in the spinal column) and can result in protrusion or a hernia.

You should stay relaxed while sitting and make sure that the monitor is both at your eye level and right in front of you.

5. Tired and Sore Eyes

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Working on the computer for a long time may result in redness, dryness, and blurred vision, which will eventually cause irritation and headache.

First, you should keep the monitor a little bit distant from your face and make sure it’s always positioned at eye level. Then, regulate the contrast, brightness, and font size. If the computer is placed near a window, close the curtains or change its location.

You should also consider wearing special glasses which will protect your eyesight and make your eyes get less tired.

Some eye exercises can also be helpful. For example, you can look away from your screen once every hour for about 1 minute.

6. Rapid Fatigue

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A sedentary lifestyle along with fatty yummy snacks will make it easier for cholesterol to gather in your vessels’ inner walls, as the veins get stretched and the valves become unable to keep up with their function.

This leads to high blood pressure, legs’ swelling, fatigue of feet and legs, and pains.

You should try to do some exercises every day, just a few simple ones for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning or maybe you can walk instead of driving or using public transport.

Don’t forget to maintain a balanced and healthy diet as well!


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