Nutella Ingredient has Officially Been Linked to Cancer

Research suggests that the delicious chocolate that you spread on your toast every morning and secretly eat spoonful after another, may be actually cancerous.

Why ? How ? Read on to learn more about what’s putting Nutella on a blacklist !

1. What’s Nutella ?


Nutella is a hazelnut-chocolate spread that was originally the idea of a young confectioner named Pieto Ferrero, while his son, Michele Ferrero, emproved it to become the Nutella as we recognize it today.

After 50 years, the brand is still recognized and the product purchasedRecently, the Ferrero company received a violent attack of cancer-causing claims about Nutella that may push its lovers to start avoiding the product.

2. What’s so bad about Nutella ?


Nutella consists of seven ingredients, which are chosen from only fresh and raw materials and delicately selected according to a sustainable sourcing with a strict attention to their quality. These ingredients are sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, milk, lecithin and vanillin.Palm oil is the greatest concern now. It comes from the fruits of a palm tree, found in tropical areas.

This risky ingredient is the one behind the picture-perfect smoothness of Nutella.Coop, one of the biggest grocery chains in Italy, has cleared away this spread chocolate from its shelves after the frightening news. While chains in North America and the UK haven’t made any changes yet.

3. Health effects of palm oil


There are some benefits of palm oil, however, it can have some more serious health effects. It is high in calories and can cause weight gain, can increase cholesterol levels, cause toxicity and most of all is cancer linked through carcinogenic components.

4. Studies show deeper concerns about palm oil


According to a European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) report about process contaminants in foods and vegetable oils, palm oil contains glycerol-based process contaminants. The EFSA suggested that contaminants like glycidyl fatty acid esters (GE) stand as potential health dangers for both average and high consumers.

Palm oil contains really high levels of GE, which is mainly regarded as a carcinogenic component, while its carcinogenicity raises when producers refine it at high temperatures (over 200 degrees Celsius).The real problem is what GE does into your body. The digestion process breaks it down while releasing glycidol into your system.

Glycidol was labaled as probably carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and other organizations.There are enough reasons and basic concers for continued studies. The EFSA hasn’t recommended people to stop eating Nutella and claimed that further study is crucial to assess human risk. While the EFSA has no legal power to regulations, the European Commission is reviewing this matter.

5. Ferrero’s response


The Ferrero company claimed that its industrial process combines a temperature below 200C as well as extremely low pressure to diminish contaminants, adding that the used process costs 20% more than high-temperature refining and takes longer time, which makes GE levels too low that it’s difficult for scientific instruments to trace.

Making Nutella without palm oil would make it inferior for the real product and would be a step backwards, said Ferrero’s purchasing manager.On the other hand, the EFSA had no comments when asked if there is any possible risk of refining palm oil at lower temperatures.

6. Other foods to avoid


Some other brands or foods using palm oil include Clover, Cadbury’s chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s, Margarine, Cookies, packaged bread and instant noodles.

7. Healthier Nutella alternative


Whether you’ve chosen to avoid or keep on eating the popular spread, you may also consider trying some healthy yummy homemade ‘Nutella’ recipes. These recipes are often simple and take no more than 30 min, using oven, blender and then refrigerator. As for the ingredients, you’ll need hazelnuts, cacao powder, maple syrup, vanilla extract, coconut oil and salt.


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