How to Quit Smoking Without Drugs?

Quitting smoking is not an easy task for every smoker. Although there are drugs available which help in getting rid of this bad habit. Researchers have found advanced ways of stopping smoke using psychological and medical methods. Counselling and medicines can be used collectively to make quitting smoking easier and fast.

Here are the best methods to quit smoking

4-Individual counselling


One-on-on session is found to be most effective. The smoker talks to social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist to discuss what triggers him to smoke. He gets ideas of staying away from cigarettes.

3-Support Groups


Group therapy is another effective ways in which many people get psychologist’s help as groups. It makes smoker motivated when he sees other people trying to quit smoking. As a team work, they find it easy to stop smoking.

2-Household cooperation


A person who has decided to quit smoking should avoid the company of people who smoke. His friends and family should not smoke in front of him so that he reach his goal of quitting smoking soon.

1-Reduce Stress


Stress is the main cause of smoking. Use various ways to stay away from stress. Eat healthy, do exercise, breathe deeply and think positively. These all habits will make your lifestyle healthy and peaceful and you will not need cigarettes anymore to feel relaxed.

ConclusionQuitting smoke is not a difficult process. You need a strong motivation and consistency in your efforts. It will also give you good health and fitness.


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