Here Are the 6 Situations When It’s a Bad Idea To Drink Water

Last Updated on September 27, 2020

Do you need to experience headaches, dry mouth, fatigue, dizziness, and loss of concentration to realize that your body is dehydrated and needs water immediately?

Our bodies need water more than anything to stay hydrated and survive. Without enough amounts of water in your body, your skin will go dry, your kidneys will not function properly, your body’s fat-burning capacity will slow down, your immunity will weaken, and your brain tissues will lose water and cause your brain to shrink from dehydration.

So where is the problem?

Most of us know that drinking water becomes a problem when our bodies are overhydrated. While that is true, there are other situations when people should never drink water, yet they do it without realizing the consequences it may have on their health.


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#1 – When you’re eating

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Drinking water while eating can decrease your appetite and also decrease salivation and lead to indigestion. Undigested food will pile up in your body and turn toxic.

In addition, when you drink water right before or after meals, it causes discomfort and leaves you feeling bloated and sometimes even finding trouble breathing since bloating affects your diaphragm.

Drinking alcoholic drinks during meals is even worse for your body.

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#2 – When your urine is clear


You know you should stay hydrated but are you aware of the times you overdo it?

Colorless urine is an indicator of drinking too much water throughout the day. Overhydration can result in fatal health problems like low sodium levels in your blood and liver inflammation which scars the liver.

If your urine is colorless, it is best to stop drinking water for a little while until it regains its natural yellow color. But when the urine is a darker shade of yellow, it’s time to sip your water!

Drinking larger amounts of water every day does not really add more benefits to the body as much as it puts it in danger.

The key is to keep your water intake balanced.

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#3 – Drinking too much water during exercise


This is a common mistake, but do not drink excessive water in the middle of an intense workout. Resist the urge from now on by reminding yourself of the following:

Your body temperature rises when you’re working out and then it tries to cool itself down by producing sweat so it is natural to feel thirsty when you’re sweating. However, chugging down your whole bottle of water can lead to negative side effects like nausea, headache, and dizziness.

Hyponatremia or water intoxication is experienced by many endurance athletes and sports physicians are becoming more aware of its dangers. One recent study by Harvard University doctors has revealed that 13 percent of Boston marathon runners suffered from water intoxication.

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#4 – Drinking before sleep

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Drinking water right before bed does not only interrupt your sleep by forcing you to pay visits to the bathroom, but it can also cause a puffy face and swelling limbs which you will notice soon after you wake up in the morning.

That is because the function of our kidneys slows down when we are sleeping so drinking water before sleep can cause these symptoms.

When you drink water before bedtime you are also risking heart complications, so drink water in moderation and way before bed.

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#5 – After you eat spicy food

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If you notice at restaurants, waiters and waitresses always place a glass of water next to your spicy food. That is because they know you’ll need it.

But, really, you should not drink water after eating spicy food or, namely, hot peppers. Milk contains the Casein protein which helps your mouth resist capsaicin, a non-polar molecule contained in chili peppers. Meanwhile, water will only spread it further in your mouth.

Indian and Thai cuisines know about this and that is why they use dairy with their spicy meals!

Honey can also be a good natural ointment for your mouth burns, which you can apply afterward.

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#6 – When you drink from a garden hose

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Drinking from your garden hose is a bad idea. In fact, a very, very bad idea.

Even if the hose is connected to a clean pipe and clean water, the elements in the hose can be toxic for your body and even lead to organ damage and the disruption of the endocrine system which includes hormone glands that regulate metabolism, sexual function, tissue function, etc.

What can happen to your health due to the contamination that’s been sitting inside the hose is imaginable. So why drink contaminated water at the spur of the moment when you have the option to drink clean water?

And those were the six situations you should not drink water. Remember to stay hydrated not water intoxicated.

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