Do You Really Need a Water Filter to Stay Safe?

Last Updated on September 27, 2020

Are you concerned about the quality of your drinking water, or do you want better tasting water from your tap?

Many people who are worried about the safety of their tap water resort to water filter systems in order to enhance water taste and quality. But does your water really need to be purified?

First, you should consider whether you actually need a water purification system in your home. According to the EPA (Environment Protection Agency), more than 90% of the water supply in the US is safe to drink from the tap.

Yet, there are people who may need a water purification system for health safety reasons. In this little guide, you’ll find complete information about these purification systems as well as their benefits and why some individuals need them more than others.

Do You Really Need a Water Filter to Stay Safe©


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#1 – Who Needs Water Purification
Systems and Why?

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Who Needs Water Purification Systems and

To improve water quality in their homes and protect their health, some people need to consider a water purification system, including those who suffer from:

• A high level of a contaminant in their water, like radon found in water from a well.
• A high level of lead in their water, which can be detected by water testing.
• An extremely weakened immune system, including those who are on chemotherapy or have HIV.

Water purification systems can help to get rid of contaminants that can harm your health or affect the feel or taste of your drinking water. Water filter systems can eliminate:

• Radium
• Lead
• Nitrates
• Radon
• Pesticides
• Arsenic
• Byproducts of the disinfection process
• Microbes, including bacteria and viruses
• Parasites, such as giardia and cryptosporidium

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#2 – Water Filter Options

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Water Filter OptionsWater Filter in Pakistan

When deciding on a water filter system, there are many key factors you should consider. To start, you’ll need to look for a water purification or filter system that has been certified to meet EPA standards of water, and of course, the one that meets your specific needs as well.


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