8 Things You Should Never Do During Hot Weather

Last Updated on June 10, 2020

We all love hot weather, the sun shines brighter, dressing gets less complicated, beaches are our new home, and we have an excuse to eat ice cream every day.

However, even though the sun is constantly projecting its rays on us all year round, exposure to sun rays during the summer can be much more dangerous. This is why we need to make simple changes in our routine and pay attention to some details around us so we can safely enjoy a high temperature without any trouble.

Whether you’ve been betrayed by the sun or you’re just curious on the matter, keep reading to find out what are some of the things you shouldn’t do when it’s hot outside so you can have a fun and safe summer.

1. Not using UV protection

Having a sunburn caused by UV rays is something you can effectively avoid by wearing sunscreen and re-applying it thorough the day. Most people think they can scrub a little bit of cream on their body and spend an entire day at the beach without suffering the consequences, but unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Sunscreen is effective as long as you use it correctly. Rubbing it all over your body is a must. A lot of people forget about their ears, feet, and neck, and then they end up getting burned.

Another mistake you might be doing is not applying enough sunscreen throughout the day. If you’re going for a day at the beach, you should apply sunscreen before you leave the house, once you get to the beach, and then every two hours. It might sound like a lot of work, but at the end of the day, you’ll be avoiding possible skin problems and a lot of pain.
Besides using protection, wearing a hat whenever you’re out is super important to protect your head from sun exposure.

2. Not Drinking Enough Water

How many times do you hear the phrase: “You have to stay hydrated”? Probably more than you’d want to, but maybe that’s because you don’t pay attention to it.

Staying hydrated means drinking water, and everyone drinks water. So you don’t make a big deal out of it. But are you drinking enough? Probably not!
At least 60% of our human bodies is water, so drinking a couple of glasses per day is not enough to keep a healthy balance.

Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water per day is advisable. It might sound too much, and it is, especially for those who are not used to drink water at all. You can always look online how much water your body needs by providing some information like your age, gender, and weight.

The best way on how to avoid dehydration is to carry a water bottle with you every time you go out. You might think you won’t get thirsty, but that’s not the point. Taking little sips of water throughout the day is the easiest way to drink more water in the long run.

3. Leaving Plastic Inside Your Car

When the sun is shining, and the temperature is rising, we always tend to carry around a plastic bottle inside our cars, and whenever we get the chance, we fill it up.

Besides not being environmentally friendly, plastic bottles are super toxic. Plastic melts, especially in the sun. Substances like BPA and antimony are released from these bottles, and then we mix it up with water and drink it, and we continue to do this forever.

And if you need another reason as to why you shouldn’t leave plastic bottles in the car, know you can start a fire only by letting plastic receive heat. Nobody wants to have their car on fire, but it can happen if you don’t change your behavior.

Consider getting a bottle that’s environment friendly. They will last a lot longer, and they are safe to use, unlike plastic bottles.

4. Taking Your Clothes Off

Whenever you’re hot, you remove your clothes. It makes sense, right? But what if it was all in your head? You can wear a loose white shirt and feel as fresh as you would without any shirt on.

So if the feeling is the same, why can’t you wear nothing?
Well, the reason why you shouldn’t take your shirt off if it’s hot outside is very simple, and it’s called the sun.

Even if you wear sunscreen, whenever you’re doing some activity like riding a bike or simply walking, you tend to sweat, especially during hot weather. Sweat ends up affecting your sunscreen performance, making your skin more prone to burn.

So, whenever you’re in a similar situation, do not remove your clothes. Instead, opt by wearing a white cotton shirt. The air will still flow, and the light color ends up repelling the sun instead of attracting it.

5. Exercising Outside

Even though it might sound tempting, outdoor exercise is a big no during hot summer days.

Whenever you’re working out, you need a proper airflow, you need to be able to breathe fresh air, and feel cool to improve your focus and overall well being.

Whenever you go outside to run or ride your bike, you’re not only exposing yourself to unnecessary UV rays, but you’re also getting way more dehydrated.

Opt by doing physical activity in the early morning or late afternoon where the sun is weaker, and the temperature is lower for better results.

6. Using Your Dry Ironed Clothes

The secret for how to stay cool when it’s hot is simply wearing wet clothes!

Yes, wearing wet clothes is usually bad for you during the winter, but during the summer, they feel too good on your body, unlike an ironed shirt that will end up making you sweat even more.

It’s always best to have a wet shirt on than nothing, the shirt has the purpose of protecting you from possible burns, so keeping it on, even if you have to wet them first!

7. Leaving Medication Inside The Car

No matter what is the medicine or its form. Any medicine should be stored in a dark, dry place.
If you’re still wondering why you shouldn’t leave medicine in the car, think about this, cars can get very hot, even if the medication is not exposed to direct sunlight it is still receiving heat. The latter can damage the medicine and affect its purpose.

Pills will melt, and liquid medicine will end up expiring way quicker.
If you notice your pills looking weird after being in the car for too long, it’s best to throw them away. You’ll be saving yourself from a bad reaction or a visit to the hospital.

8. Drinking Caffeinated Drinks And Alcohol

It’s normal to see people at bars at night drinking alcohol, and during summertime, the number rises.
After all, an iced drink tastes much better during hot weather than cold weather.

But did you know that alcohol promotes dehydration? Besides that, it ends up making our body feel warmer, so you might be drinking it to feel fresh, but you’re doing it the exact opposite.

If you want to consume alcohol, you should always have water with you. Switch between the two drinks, so you keep a balanced temperature and avoid dehydration.

The same goes for coffee, energy drinks, or sodas, besides being extremely unhealthy when consumed a lot, they can cause stomach problems, and they won’t help you stay hydrated.

Nothing will ever replace water. This is why you should always drink tons of it, especially if you’re a coffee addict.
We want you to be safe during the summer and the hot temperatures that come with it.

Always remember to carry water, sunscreen, and a hat with you to protect yourself from possible sunburns and dehydration. Many water bottles are made to resist hot temperatures to keep your water cool, and there are also fun-sized sunscreen bottles that fit in your pocket. You have no excuse but to protect yourself.


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